Friday, 10 February 2017

A Week On.....

.....and no change with the KTFC Forum.

I'm not sure whether the lack of change is the saddest thing, or the fact none of the Forum invitees has chosen to write anything.

Or possibly even notice....!

Kenilworth locals eagerly await Kettering Town
supporters discussing of their football team,
and presumably calling for sweeping changes
to the Management.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Poppies Forums' Ignominious Ending

For those not entirely happy to plunge headlong into the anti-Marcus bear pit of Facebook's KTFC Chat, the alternatives for online Poppies discussion are growing increasingly thin on the ground.  Not so long ago we had the venerable Poppynet and upstart KTFC Forum to splurge our post-match thoughts on to.

Poppynet was wiped out by a worldwide f*ck-up by 123Reg, leaving us all lumping our Poppies-writing eggs into the KTFC Forum basket.

And then, KTFC Forum vanished too!

Unless we all set-up our own Poppies blogs, (well, I have...) how the hell are we supposed to natter anonymously about KTFC?  Oh, other than actually chat to one another at a match, of course.  What the hell are we to do?

Thankfully,  KTFC Forum soon re-appeared.  Or at least, it looked like it had for a short time.  Until it was made clear that the Forum had been reborn as an invitation only platform.  Problem being no-one seems to have received an invite.  Speaking at the Biggleswade game to a few people it soon became clear that we'd all failed whatever test had been set us for continued membership.  Did anyone actually make it through the auditions?

And if you were lucky enough to find one of the golden tickets, what were your thoughts at logging on this evening to chat and wax lyrical about the comings and goings of Kenilworth Town FC?  Personally I can find no actual evidence that club still exists, but we've very kindly set this club up with a supporter forum for zero fans to discuss zero events.  I guess KTFC isn't always necessarily KTFC as we know it.....

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Marcus keeps things interesting

Supporters of most other club must look at Marcus Law's seemingly precarious existence with a bemused eye.  They would see a club with frankly rubbish facilities, small crowds, who should have ceased to exist 5 years ago.  They would see a team 9th in the table and 6 points outside of the Play-offs.

These non-Poppies supporters might well look at the excessive way sections of our support demand Marcus's head after every game and shake their own heads in wonder.  Just as we would be amazed at a manager under threat if the above description was given about the boss at another club.  Were it not Marcus and the Poppies, we would ask how a club could possibly sack a manager with such a record.  We would bemoan knee-jerk Chairmen and fans with unrealistic expectations.

Have we had a great season so far?  No.  Have we underachieved?  Yes.  Did the Manager waste pre-season?  Definitely.  Have we had our worse season ever.  Not by a million miles!  Did we start this season expecting to steam-roller the other teams in the division because we finished last season so strongly?  You bet your skinny ass we did.  Did we put ourselves under undue pressure by having our Chairman demand promotion before a ball was kicked in anger?  Hell, yes.

Has Ritchie's bold statement-of-intent poisoned this season?  The season has not been allowed to develop naturally.  Rather than revel in some frankly astounding away victories, our fan base has wallowed in the home defeats.  Some supporters are unhappy that the League table doesn't reflect the Chairman's wishes and hold Marcus entirely to blame for this.  Others have chosen to not attend matches until the Manager is replaced, which they presume will lead to us winning every game.

But what gives us such a sense of entitlement?  Why should we beat everyone?  Why should we be top of the league?  Because Ritchie wants promotion?  Because we are the mighty Kettering Town FC?  We are not a big club at this level.  In fact we are a good deal smaller than some.  A cursory glance at the crowds teams like Hereford and Darlington are getting shows how small-time we are at the moment.

In the grand scheme of things, we are small-fry, and the sooner we get our heads around that, the better we'll enjoy what success comes our way.  We play on the worst pitch in the league, with a step of concrete around it and a handful of crappy little stands.  We are attracting a couple of hundred less people than we were 2 years ago.  Yet, we're still going and still challenging.

Do we support the Poppies, or do we support table-topping-Poppies?  Are we real or plastic?

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Burton Calling!

As most of you may know, my better half doubles up as the Poppies Trust Chairman (never say Chairperson...!)  The role isn't all glamour and glitz.  Or at all glamour and glitz come to think of it.  Unless there is something glamorous in a none-to-obvious-way about chairing committees, attending interminable Council meetings, selling 300 Club tickets, handing out flyers, and basically trying to be all things to all members.

Even the occasional media commitment usually lack any sort of wow-factor.

A case in point came last week when she was approached by Radio Northampton to help out with their Saturday morning "Treasure Quest" programme, where station employees criss-cross the county, directed by listeners answering questions as to locations.  Karen was asked to be at Latimer Park for about 10.15AM to meet the Radio car, assuming the good people of the County could decipher various cryptic clues as to locations.  The trip to Latimer Park was to be the third of the forth locations.

The carpark at LP is a pretty grim place at 3.00PM, let alone when completely empty at 10 o'clock in the morning!

Consequently Karen had decided not to be there too early, so she listened to the show, knowing she could be on site with no more than 10 minutes notice.  This suddenly became relevant, when the clue for the second location was given as, "John, after Olivia".  Given the clues about locations are usually impenetrably bizarre, the simplicity of this question, and the answer of "Newton" had the radio car speeding to that tiny village just outside of Geddington.  What if the next clue was equally easy?  Bloody hell, they could be heading to Burton in mere minutes!

However, before sprinting to the car, she listened to the next clue, and relaxed a little.  Even though we knew the next location was Burton Latimer, we were buggered if we could work it out from this clue, "Botterill's ex and one of Edison's Pioneers added to a preposition".  Eh?  What?  We fully expected this most-cryptic of clues to flummox the good folk of Northants for a while.  Far easier questions than this often lead to 20-30 minutes of random phone calls, suggestions and head-scratching.

Not today though.  Thirty seconds after the question was asked some annoying mare was on the blower to the radio station with the correct answer!  Unbelievable!  How the hell did she work out "Burton Latmer" from that?  I knew the answer and still had no idea?  A further 30 seconds later and Karen was gunning her engine and heading off.

The Radio car was soon in Burton, where the second part of their clue was, "A day for supporters to come out - find them here."  Not a particularly difficult one to work out, especially as the "Show Your Support Day" featured prominently on the news bulletin which was broadcast about 2 seconds earlier!

Thankfully Karen was there in time and met up with the Radio people for a quick chat about the match that day.  All's well that ends well.  Just another day as a Poppies Trust official!

"Broadsword calling Danny Boy,
Broadsword calling Danny Boy....." 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Monday, 2 January 2017

Here's Hoping

Given that our last four visits to the grandly named, but poorly appointed Pro-Edge Westwood Road Stadium, in St Ives, have run thus: -


Is it really too much to expect us to rattle in 10 goals this afternoon?  It would certainly help take the chill off.

"Watch this space...?" 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Finally getting the hang of this Inter-web thingy

KTFC Chat responds to the lack of P45
in Marcus's Christmas stocking

Now we've discovered Memes I doubt we'll
ever write a full length article again 

"He, he, he!"