Sunday, 19 August 2018

Klondike Watch - week 2

9 points from 9.  The only 100% record in the division.  Three straight wins with barely a shot on goal and no striker on the books.  Can't argue with the season so far!

But, on a more important note, the Klondike half-time draw kicked me in the nethers once again.  It's bleeding obvious I'm used to not winning the bloody draw.  What I could do without is seeing the winning Kirk boys whooping with joy upon hearing the numbers.  They celebrated their good fortune right in front of me.  And I mean RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

Tickets sold - 310
Prize fund - £155.00
My tickets bought - 5
Percentage of total sales - 1.6%

Winning ticket - unknown, but not mine
My closest ticket - probably miles off

Distance from win - immense
Ken Samuel's Smug Quotient as
he fleeces me once more - 95% at least.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

6 points from 6? Good, but....

...more important than the results of our bunch of hard-working, non-striker, dwarfs is the result of the half-time draw.

So, what follows is the first of what (unfortunately) promises to be quite a lengthy series of whinges about my not winning our cursed Klondike Half Time Draw.  I fear fully half of the 1100+ articles on PATGOD touch upon my hate / hate relationship with this particular lottery.  It would get mentioned more, but I don't write every piece.....

This season I'm going to try a more scientific approach to winning the draw.  Too that end, I can report the following about Tuesday's game with Kings Lynn: -

Tickets sold - 400
Prize fund - £200.00
My tickets bought - 4
Percentage of total sales - 1%

Winning ticket - 27479
My closest ticket - 27450

Distance from win - 29
Ken Samuel's Smug Quotient as
he fleeces me once more - 89%

Friday, 10 August 2018

Something to show the kids in years to come

Craig Westcarr getting very close to
breaking into a sweat in a Poppies shirt.

They'll never believe it, but we'll

be able to say "we (almost) saw it...!

Enjoy the bench at Boston.

Wow, this is post 1111 on PATGOD.  One thousand, one hundred and eleven attempts to raise a point, a smile or someone's blood pressure.  And to celebrate, we have David Sheppard doing his party trick.  Mmmm.  I wonder if he's available to play up top for us tomorrow?

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

What's wrong with this picture?

Well, obviously green grass is unusual nowadays, and the fence is new, but, wow, how large has our corner "D" become?

Monday, 30 July 2018

Planning Schmanning

Just thought we'd help out with the new planning application

Thursday, 19 July 2018


Mild mannered by day
Heroic by night

errr...sleeps upside down?

Saturday, 14 July 2018

England - A case of the Emperor's new Waistcoast?

The records will show that our National team reached the semi-final of the World Cup.  If nothing else, it gave us something else to talk about other than the inability of our skies to squeeze out any water this Summer.

Overall the public, punters and the red-tops were happy with England's efforts over the past few weeks.  Pride restored.  Young lions roaring.  Southgate being compared to a root vegetable deferred for a month or two.

But, looking back dispassionately over the Tournament, was our effort really so glorious?  We beat Tunisia at the absolute death.  We beat non-league Panama with a mixture of penalties and flukes.  We needed penalties to overcome Colombia.  Even the relatively easy win over Sweden was summed up by a Man of the Match award for Pickford.

Tunisia / Panama / Colombia / Sweden

All teams we should beat every day of the week.  World Cup or pointless friendly.  Our record when the opposition could actually play football was a little different.

We lost easily to both Belgium's "A" and "B" teams, and were, frankly, swept away by Croatia, who pick from a national population roughly half that of London.

Our lack of goals from open play was perhaps explained by our numbing inability to actually create goal-scoring chances from open play.  Any midfield where Henderson is seen as the star, is always going to be lightweight.  Add to this the "efforts" of the supposed world-class Alli and Sterling, no wonder we were so reliant on the one-dimensional Harry Kane's penalties and the foreheads of our central defenders.

Has the England team improved?  Not sure.  We try to play a more "modern football" game.  With other nations this manifests itself with flowing, attacking football. With us, it seems to be reduced to our lumbering centre backs playing the ball in triangles with each other until getting into trouble and relying on the keeper to boot the ball down the park.

Fourth place?  Beyond our expectations certainly, but, even our most optimistic fan wouldn't claim that we were the fourth best team in the world.