Saturday, 23 September 2017

Am I as thick as pig-sh*t? Or does this smell to high-heaven?

So, Harpur Developments Ltd have "purchased" Rockingham Road from Ben Pickering Ltd to build a squillion houses on.

7-days ago Harpur Developments was a new-born company, created FROM Ben Pickering Ltd. who already owned the Rockingham Road site.  Mere days after KBC gave permission to build houses on the site.

I appreciate that we're never going to go back to Rocky Road. but am I the only person who feels that I'm being f*cked over here by people who have already made a fortune out of the supporters of Kettering Town FC, and are about to make a sh*t load more?

I fear these people even sleep well at night. Likewise our valued councillors who, seemingly, exist merely to rubber-stamp developments which allow the idle rich to get richer still.  F*ck the people they are elected to serve.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

New Club logo? 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Makes you wonder.....

.....when one councillor speaks with such eloquence, why the majority of our elected officials are such a bunch of self-satisfied, spinless pr*cks.

Happily screwing over anyone who's not a natural Tory supporter, and block-voting Kettering into slow oblivion while patting themselves forcefully on the back.

Almost enough to make you vote for a Tory....!

Michael Brown - take a bow.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

2 down - 86 to go

Tristram and Quentin (with Liza) are more
than happy with their tiny house on Mark English Drive.

 "We love it.  Really love it.  Just what we wanted.
A kitchen would have been nice, mind.
As would a toilet, and a bedroom or some sort"

Sunday, 17 September 2017

88 Dwellings on Rockingham Road? One down. 87 to go.....

Mr Gilbert Loose-bottom proudly sits on the porch
of his new house at No.1 Mallinger Mews.

"I never wanted to own a cat anyway"

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Company admits it has more money than sense

The only thing that surprised me about the news that Rockingham Road has been sold by Ben Pickering Ltd for housing is that someone out there has met the Pickering's insanely unreal valuation of the site.  That, coupled with our Council's twin aims in life of sucking up to housing developers and f**king the town's football club, meant there was no real prospect of us making an emotional return.  We were never going home.

Property Owner Shafts Town

Details of which group of hutch-building, serial-liars have untold millions burning a hole in their pockets are scant, but it seems that an agreement has been reached.  Images of the trees behind the Rockingham Road terrace being felled did seem to suggest some movement for the ground was on the cards.

Presumably the new owners will start demolishing the old girl, whilst at the same time laying before our councillors plans for an unfeasibly large number of tiny, plaster-board dwellings with scant parking, and no gardens.  There will be plenty of sturdy, manageable, quick growing hedges to act as a faux green space.  Just right for the druggie, bottom end of the social housing lowlifes, who'll end up wrecking the area, to drop their dog muck and used hypodermics into.

Everyone will have favourite memories to tell and write about Rocky Road.  We'll no doubt regale a few ourselves in due course.  But, call me unsentimental, I find I'm more relieved than devastated by the news of the sale.  The removal of Rocky Road from the equation means we need no longer be split in our aims and intentions for the club.  We are where we are.  Time to make the best of it perhaps?  Stop dreaming of a fanciful return?  Stop imagining that if we somehow acquired millions, and got Rocky Road back that hundreds of people would descend upon the ground to repair all the damage and get the place back to its best.  That would never have happened.  Look at the turn out for any sort of event or volunteer day.  And then thousands would flock to games.  We were barely getting a thousand Poppies fans through the gates for Conference National games by the end. of our tenure at Rockingham Road.

Also, with our immediate future now in Burton Latimer maybe some of our old, lapsed supporters will find it in themselves to separate the idea of Kettering Town FC from Rockingham Road and realise their club still exists, and is playing not a million miles away.  Their old friends are still attending and the Poppies are, in effect, being run by fellow supporters.

Come back and join us.  Remember Rocky Road with affection, by all means, but please not at the expense supporting the club itself.

"It may not be Rockingham Road,
but Latimer Park is worth a thousand
souless Non Parks" 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Two emails David Mahoney really should get around to sending

David Mahoney to 
Committee of the Southern League

"Hi Darlings

I know we have registered red and black as our home strip this season, with a change strip of white, BUT, what are the chances we could change our home kit very slightly from red and black, to, er, blue, with white stripes?  Just for this season.  I appreciate this might cause the odd problemette or two,  but what do you think?

And, if it's not too much of an ask, could we nominate our away kit to be white, with blue stripes?

Let me know?  It would be much appreciated.  And sooner rather than later as our kits are getting a bit ripe......

Love to all,


David Mahoney to
Captain Wang of the Orient Shipping Line

"Captain Slow

Christ alone knows what you're up to!  What are you doing with your ship?  F*cking rowing it? However, do us all a favour and continue to take the f*cking scenic route.  And if you are in danger of losing a container or two during a storm, don't worry if shipping container ACR15654 - 566A looks like being swept away.

In fact, even if you don't encounter a storm and that particular container looks like slipping overboard, please don't risk yourself or your men....


"Hi Ritchie

I don't know what your problem was.  
This Chairman lark is a doddle!

And, maybe a third email?

David Mahoney to
Ritchie Juene