Friday, 30 January 2015

Who'd be an ex-Poppy Manager?

Marcus Law's decision to take the job at Chasetown has been greeted by the small but noisy Poppies faction ABBAMS (Anyone But Baillie And Machin Society) with much gnashing of teeth and rending of clothing.  Almost as though taking such a lowly job is proof positive that he should be our Manager and we would have won the League by now.

They cannot understand how Ritchie could possibly have missed out on a Manager, who despite a number of good qualities, has a CV that pretty much points to his tenure at Barwell as the high point.  He did ok with us, when our expectations weren't exactly high.  He is best remembered for working the loan system with his Midlands contacts very well.  Who hasn't bored distinctly uninterested family members by repeatedly pointing out that Bournemouth's top scorer is an ex-Poppy?  You know, when you're watching a re-run of the Football League show and counting all the ex-Poppies on show, and mentally assembling a Poppies All-Stars team? 

I'm conflicted as to whether I hope for Marcus is a success at Chasetown.  If he is a success, then the members of the PABBAMS (Provisional Anyone But Baillie And Machin Society), will sink even further into self-destructive demands of the instant, if not retroactive dismissal of those two gentlemen.  As it stands, they cannot contribute anything to a debate or forum beyond constantly demanding the sacking of the Management team. 

10 points clear?  F*ck 'em.  Sack 'em!  Playing a player out of position to get all our best players on the pitch?  F*ck 'em.  Sack 'em!  One of them is a bit overweight?  F*ck 'em.  Sack 'em!

The sight of Marcus doing well might well make them burst with indignation.

But even if he does badly no doubt the PRABBAMS (Provisional Real Anyone But Baillie And Machin Society) will insist he would have done better with us, and still demand that Ritchie get him back.  As awful as it may sound, far too many people believe their opinions actually count for something when expressed through social media.  Football isn't a democracy.  If you want to appoint a Manager, buy a Club and you get to appoint one!  Ritchie did, and did.

He who pays the piper...

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Where did everyone go?

It must have been disappointing for the officials and staff at Daventry last night when the famous "purple army" turned up in less than military-strength numbers.  Slightly fewer than the ground busting 660 who were packed in just three weeks ago for our visit, made it to Communications Park for the visit of Chalfont St Peters.

Well, 604 less actually....

On the plus side, Daventry's gate of 56 was a larger figure than the 55 Poppies fans who turned up on a single supporter coach for our New Year's Day clash.

Unless you include the coach driver too.

Monday, 26 January 2015

The Season Starts Now. Again. (If You Want It)

17 games to go.  51 points to play for.  A run comparable to the one we enjoyed at this stage last season could see us rack up 100+ points.

7 home games in out next 9 fixtures.  Weather permitting of course.

As the league placings stand we still have the whip hand over the pretenders to our title. 


If we stick together as a club.  From the Chairman, through the Management, and through the volunteers to us great unwashed standing around the pitch, if we stand as one there's absolutely no reason we can't rack up the points necessary to win the league.

If, at least for the next couple of months, we fans can all pull in a single direction to get the Poppies over the finishing line.

If the admittedly small number of petty whiners on our side of the touchline could at least bite their tongues for just a short time and perhaps try to show a slightly sunnier disposition.  Only temporarily of course.  As soon as we win the league they can go back to wanting everyone to be sacked.....

If our team of prime attacking talent can finally click and put more opponents to the sword.

If.  If.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Season Starts Now....

.... or as soon as the Latimer Park quagmire dries out!

The most casual look at the League Table would suggest the Top 5 are looking settled, and it's just a case of where they will finish.  Each of the Top 5 has it's advantages and flaws.  So you don't have to ponder too hard, we've laid it all out here!

Kettering Town

Going for them - Big club, big support, big budget.  A strike force which should be putting most teams to the sword.  Being God's own appointed team.

Going against them - Crushingly enormous expectations and a glue pot pitch.


Going for them - Not expected to win the League.  Not having Kettering fans expectations weighing on them.

Going against them - Not being God's own appointed team.

Bedworth United

Going for them - Not expected to win the League.  Not having Kettering fans expectations weighing on them.

Going against them - Not being God's own appointed team.

Rugby Town

Going for them - Not expected to win the League.  Not having Kettering fans expectations weighing on them.

Going against them - Not being God's own appointed team.

Hanwell Town

Going for them - Not expected to win the League.  Not having Kettering fans expectations on them.

Going against them - Not being God's own appointed team.

So, let's hear no more negativity!  We've got it sewed-up!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

When Worlds Collide

Our household was casually watching bits and pieces of last nights FA Cup match between AFC Wimbledon and Liverpool.  As you do.

The sight of Adebayo Akinfenwa lumbering around the pitch, swatting Premiership footballers aside like lazy November houseflies made for a few amusing moments.  You can't truly appreciate the sheer mass of Akinfenwa without seeing him in full flow.  Radio Northampton used to bang on about him when he used to play for the Cobblers, but through the very-much limited visual medium of radio, "The Beast's" true immensity wasn't entirely apparent.

Whilst we watched him flattening the cream of Liverpool's reserve team the missus mused as to what it would have been like had Akinfenwa ever come up against our old immense stopper Ian Roper.  A truly titanic clash!

Luckily for those of us who, in a completely straight way, like glimpsing big blokes grappling, footage does exist of these two footballers matching up to each other, surprisingly watched by luminaries such as Peter Cushing, Doug McClure and the lovely Caroline Munro.  I guess they must have been in with the "prawn sandwich" brigade?

Roper and Akinfenwa slug it out!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Sorry, Charley

Really, really sorry about yesterday Charley.

Thanks awfully for popping along, and we hope you enjoy wearing the Poppies shirt on your many travels.  Don't think you have to though.....

It's a pity that none of the talent, determination or drive you show in your sport was echoed by our team.  Unlike our under-performing team I doubt very much if you would have only tried when you were playing on a hole where the wind was behind you. 

We are not always that bad, even though increasingly we are playing like a bunch of individuals who have never met each other before.  We usually have a good defence, and a front line that is the envy of teams a division higher.  Admittedly our midfield consists of a couple of stoppers and a couple of players not up to the job, but considering we generally hit the ball over their heads these days this isn't a big a problem as it sounds.

Anyway, Charley, thanks again for giving up one of the few days off you must get each year to waste at Latimer Park, and again, our apologies we couldn't put up more of a fight against a team that could name only three subs, had no physio, and lost their only decent player to us a month ago.

We look forward to welcoming you again hopefully at some time in the future.  Mind you, we're still waiting for Faryl Smith's return after we managed to rudely cut-off her singing before a FA Cup game a few years ago....So, given our crappy treatment of our local young lady celebrities, we won't hold our breathe.

"Once again, Charley, we're really sorry about the rubbish
we made you watch yesterday.  However, the stupid
actions of your uncle Tommy didn't bloody well help matters!"