Sunday, 29 January 2012

Power to the People!

It may not be known – yet – as the Poppy Spring, but there has been a definite whiff of revolution in the air at Nene Park these past few days.

It began last Tuesday with anti Ladak insurgents rising up and seizing the official state broadcasting machinery, resulting in inflammatory messages replacing half time scores and a man with a microphone stirring up the crowd.

Yesterday, despite a heavy police presence, the insurrectionists were at it again. Deep underground in his bunker, President Ladak must have felt a shudder as a red card protest lit up proceedings.

Again the loudspeakers were playing revolutionary music designed to whip up the masses – “Money’s Too Tight To Mention”, “The Final Countdown”, and of course, “Do The Hustle”.

As the police net tightened, literally tens of black balloons were released, of which at least three drifted on to the pitch – where one was stamped on later by Danny Mills in what was widely seen as a symbolic gesture of support for the cause. Either that or he was fuming at not being awarded a free kick for a shove in the back.

There were fears that the protest might be quelled by force, but the police were too busy chatting amongst themselves about how they would spend their unexpected overtime windfall.

Meanwhile no tanks clattered across the A6 bridge (President Ladak says his army is still owed outstanding sponsorship money, and should have thought of that before they were conscripted).

However, given his past support for the Palestinian cause, a small part of the President must surely have approved of these protests by another dispossessed group, unfairly deprived of their historic homeland.

For the sake of a peaceful and swift resolution to this crisis, let’s hope so. Because even the Palestinians have had enough of him.

"In the name of Patgod, go!"

Another Friday night - another Poppies meeting

I didn't believe that anything could be quite as surreal as Kettering Town playing their "home" games at Non Park.  But this is the Poppies, and we learn from an early age to expect the unexpected.  We now have the curious sight of club volunteers on tannoy and scoreboard in open defiance of the Club Chairman and players applauding anti-Chairman sentiment from the terraces.  Could you imagine Pete Simcoe grabbing the microphone during Gyngell's reign and shouting out, "That's all well and good Cyril, BUT WHERE'S THE F*CKING MONEY GONE?!"

Yesterday the tannoy announcer brightly announced a meeting of supporters the following Friday, again seemingly in open defiance of Imraan.  "Don't worry, it's nothing to do with Ladak!" He promised.  Kind of makes you wonder the point of a meeting without the main player.  He also, helpfully told us the meeting was to be in the Kimberley Suite.  Great,  Except that means nothing to me!  I'm a Kettering fan.  I have no idea where rooms are at  Non Park.  I don't care.  It's just a pitch where we play our football at the moment. Nothing more.  I'm sure it's in the main part of the big building usually restricted to we mere supporters, and I'm sure I'll be able to find it.

I'm just not sure I want to.

Do I really want to hear another group of smarmy businessmen tell me how they are going to do things differently?  Another shifty bunch promising me the earth, or at very least, League football?  More suits telling us that we're the best fans ever and they would give us the success we deserve?

It saddens me more than I can express that it seems to be the case that to sustain football at this level we need to give shady characters the time of day just because they have a few bob.  "Investors" be buggered! 

I surely can't be alone in hankering for a self-sufficient football club, free of self-important, untrustworthy blazer-wearers?  Why can't a team which averages gates of 1400 - 1500 sustain itself?  Why can't local business sponsorship from a borough of well over 100,000  people generate enough additional funding to allow us to kick out the shysters? 

Couldn't a club with this backing, run by a handful of full or even part-time administrators and coaches, helped out by a small army of willing volunteers and 18 good, semi-professional footballers, survive by their own efforts?  And if so, why can't that club be Kettering Town?

Or is better to always be in hock to any puffed-up suit with a smug expression and illusion of wealth, who is willing to temporarily push us up the table by paying players over the odds? (on the proviso that any money they spend is actually only a "loan" when they leave of course!)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Imraan releases JP from lifetime contract shock!

Imraan's lack of interest in our survival has been proved this week by a couple of things.  Firstly there is his ongoing refusal to actually leave the club.  Every day he remains here the less like a football club we become.

Has he been negotiating with people prepared to take on the Poppies, and pay off the unknown number of debts that HE has run up?  No.  Has he been dealing with HMRC to prevent them winding the club up?  No.  Has he even been helping to organise transport for his players to get to away games?  Of course not - such acts are far beneath a man as important as Imraan.  Again, much better to let others do the job that he should be doing. 

Other than bizarre all-night Poppynet Q&A sessions and launching pathetic online petitions against James Cann and DRC, it would seem that all Imraan is doing is treading water.  He is allowing us to remain in limbo, presumably hanging around for the cheques from Luton Town FC and DRC to hit the "Welcome" mat before considering our survival.

"Ta la me de canard"
The second sign that Imraan doesn't really give a flying f*ck for our future is the fact that he has allowed JP to leave us.  Regardless of whether or not you are a JP fan, or believe his best days are behind him (or indeed both!) his permanent departure is significant.  Imraan is by far JP's biggest fan.  Allowing him to leave is the best indicator yet that Imraan has lost all interest in us.  He can barely be bothered to attend our games as it is.  Without the enticement of seeing his beloved French ball-juggler, it is difficult to imagine Imraan ever making it back to the ground that he has saddled us with.

As for JP, you'll have to look elsewhere for his stats, as I don't have a clue.  He has been exciting, dazzling, annoying and, recently, angry in a Poppies shirt.  Often over the course of a single game!  He has silky skills in his feet, and a stinger of a right hook, as "Glass-jaw" Ashikodi will testify.  Hopefully JP will enjoy a few more good days at Tamworth, but he may not have the time to win their fans over.  We all loved JP because we have seen so much of the best of him that we are prepared to overlook the rubbishy bits.  He will have to hit the ground running in order to give the Tamworth fans enough good times to carry him over the tedious passages.  Does he have the hunger and fight to do this?  Don't know.  We'll see.

JP's departure has freed up the post of "Mr Kettering" for Patrick Noubissie to take on full time after having a trial run whilst JP went on sabbatical to bugger up Corby's promotion charge.  It's a big step up for Pat who has gone from midfield square-ball passenger to thrusting, overlapping full back in recent seasons.  And who knows, if he continues to perform manfully for us, one day I may even be able to type his surname without looking up the spelling!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

That's why we do it

The match statistics may read Kettering Town 2, Gateshead 1, in front of barely 800 souls on a mucky January night.  And yet, any Poppies fan in attendance will tell you, this is the sort of game that we wade through all the dross to experience.

There was the moving tribute to young Ryan Kirk before kick-off and by the players after Mills's opener. There was the amusing efforts of the soon to be ex-scoreboard operator having some fun with our, hopefully soon to be ex, non-bill paying Chairman.  There was the real sense that team and supporters were united in intent and endeavour.  We've all been hoodwinked by Imraan, but f*ck him, let's go for it!

We all roared and stomped at our goals.  We all gnawed our nails when Gateshead pulled one back.  We all wanted to roger the ref with ripe radish when he missed an obvious corner we'd won deep into injury time.  We all bellowed with relief and joy at the final whistle.

It was a real night of the kind of rollercoaster emotions that only comes through being in close proximity to YOUR team, playing for YOU, and feeling it as much as you.  Something you couldn't get from yawning through a season's worth of HD quality Champions League matches on the telly.

Mind you, I have never understood what anyone has ever got from being an armchair football fan.  It must really be difficult to feign support for whichever foreigner-laden team is doing well at the top of the Premiership.  But, does a Surrey-based Man Utd fan get any genuine thrill from watching his team beat Wigan?  Does a Midlands-based Chelsea fan feel any real pain when they lose to a last minute goal?  A rip-off replica shirt from JJB and a sports subscription from Sky Sports do not a real football fan make.  If you can't feel it, what's the point? 

Nights like last night is what football is truly about.  Big night and big emotions.  Surely something worth fighting for?  Poppies hardcore support and team as one.  What a pity our Chairman wasn't there to see what he is risking with his petty games.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Small mercies to be thankful for

Once upon a time I approached a matchday with at least some hope of a win. Today I don’t think I’ve ever been more certain we would lose. Apart from maybe the Luton doubleheader. And York away. God, I gave us more of a chance when we took on Fulham.

This is what we are reduced to – admit it, being relieved that we escaped with a 1-4 scoreline that in the circumstances is “respectable” according to the OWS. Actually it is. Against a side that just three days ago took Championship Brighton to penalties, it was respectable for an unpaid,demotivated, bewildered bunch to not get totally steamrollered.

On Thursday, when we were up before the headmaster, I felt real dread that we wouldn’t even get as far as today. I fully expected to click on Poppynet to see a thread titled The End. Docked 15 points or kicked out. A suspended 3 point penalty is more than respectable, it's a huge reprieve. Maybe Imraan convinced the Conference committee that our problems were not of our making. Or maybe they were simply worried about preserving the integrity of their league, with two clubs facing oblivion in the space of a week.

Ok we lost again, but right now just mustering enough players to fulfil another fixture and keep the flame flickering keeps us alive for a few more days, and that is pretty much all we have to celebrate tonight.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Ladak: "Concrete and viable plan"

Our manager next Tuesday

Our manager next Saturday


It may well be very nice of Ashley Westwood to step in and assist the club as the FOURTH Manager we've got through this season, and even more impressively, the third in January, but, c'mon, WTF?  Haven't we seen enough red cards this season?

Complete list of reasons why Imraan has appointed him -

(A) In the pre-season game between the club and DRC employees last year Westwood kicked one of the Locum backroom staff into the stand, and then glowered over him to get up if he fancied "some more".  We suspect, that in light of recent events concerning our former sponsors, that this incident has endeared him to our Chairman.

Reasons we should be happy -
(A) He knows the way to Wrexham!

(B) He's not Morrell.
Officially the angriest man
to have ever lived

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Imraan promised a fair hearing by the League

"Please Mr Ladak, take a seat...."

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Is Imraan actually "well?"

If you knew someone who had made a string of calamitous decisions, blamed everyone else for their failings, didn't to turn up to important meetings, and changed his mind every other day, you would be worried for their state of mind.

Yet, this is how Imraan has come across these past few months.  We've all been quick to criticise his increasingly curious behaviour and outbursts, but could this be symptomatic of someone struggling with their mental health?

Ever since he moved us to Non Park, with absolutely no idea of how to run or fund the site, his decision making has been highly suspect.  Employing Morrell and handing our long, lucrative contracts to players who had shown nothing during pre-season other than they fully understood the term "all you eat buffet" showed further lack of judgement.

Assuming that the new facilities would somehow, automatically generate income without him actually doing anything could be a sign of shoddy business acumen.  Alternatively could it be evidence of failing thought process?

His infamous blaming of everyone and everything else for mistakes that he made could be further evidence of a vague grasp on reality.

From the moment he announced the club was for sale he has changed his mind daily about what he intends to do. Firstly he is happy to give the club up.  Next he wants a couple of hundred thousands to sell up.  Next he wants investors to give him money, but insisting that (for God alone knows what reason) he remain as Chairman. Suddenly the club debt is given at over a million?  Does he even know what he wants or what we owe anymore?

Add into this mix his oft-suggested, alleged all-night online gambling "hobby", and you have to wonder how long he can carry on.  We fear he hasn't grasped how close to folding the club is.  All we can hope is that his close friends or family can get through to him, and, if necessary, get him some help.  Preferably before he drives the club fully onto the rocks.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Corby Set For Independence Vote

In a surprise development, it has emerged that the Scottish referendum will include the people of Corby.

And if the Scots vote for independence, they will get Corby as part of the deal.

“Two can play at that game”, said a Government spokesman, “and we look forward to seeing the expression on Alex Salmond’s face when he finds out what a shit hole it is”.

“In fact, even if the Scots vote no, we will ask England to vote yes to get rid of Corby.”

Alex Salmond is understood to be reflecting on the news.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Now, who fancies a gamble?

Has a game ever looked less likely to be played?

Baby, it's cold outside!

Frozen conditions.  Is the game on?  How to find out?  Call the club and speak to one of the club staff (as if!)  What about checking club website?  It's OK for finding out what meal will be available for pre-match dining, or if you want the stats of players like Jon Challinor, or Manager Morrell Maison!  We can even see the stats of greats like Roy Clayton (184 goals in 462 games), or Brett Solkhon (curiously 0 goals in 0 games...)

However, when it comes to less important information such as, are we actually playing today, or is the Chairman intent on destroying the club, we are less well served.

There is also a handy section detailing our collection of officials and authorised blaze-wearers.

Club President - Sid Chapman

Chairman - Imraan Ladak
Finance Director - VACANT
Operations Director - VACANT
Non-Executive Director - Lee Thorn
Non-Executive Director - Elio Buizza
Associate Director - Adrian Wright
Associate Director - Gary Foreman
Associate Director - Bryony Gates
Associate Director - Gary Graham
First Team Manager - Mark Stimson
Assistant Manager - Scott Barrett
Club Secretary - Mike Cobb-Pernak
Community & Schools Liaison Officer - Mike Cobb-Pernak
Club Doctor - Dr David Thomas
Safety Officer - Mark Brace
Groundsman - Paul Knowles (Greenbay Maintenance)
Programme Team - Terry Brumpton And Excel Print
Club Photographer - Mike Capps (Kappasport)
Webmaster - SLAMJAM

I can't say I'm totally familiar with the set-up at Non Park, but I'd be surprised if Messrs Stimson, Knowles or Thorn would confirm the accuracy of this list.  Interestingly the main triumvirate of Chairman, Operations & Finance Directors are all sadly lacking.  OK, there is at least a name under the title of Chairman, but, come on, surely this one is a joke?

Just another symptom of a club that if you said was run in an amateurish fashion, you would be insulting amateurs.

Friday, 13 January 2012

What Goes Around

Even though our Club might soon cease to exist, the fact that supporters are due to show Imraan the red card tomorrow makes me chuckle.  Who can forget the Leeds game where a bright-eyed, excited Imraan eagerly bounced in front of the ITV cameras to have a dig at the Council and wave his own red card.  true, we all felt the same as Imraan, and were soon waving our own red cards at our numb-nuts councillors.

As ever with publicity stunts it proved to be a 5 minute wonder.  Somehow the Council survived.  They still don't give a damn about the Poppies.  Leeds bloody well equalised.  Imraan (and Ben Pickering) didn't get their Manchester United pay day.  And Imraan didn't get his new ground with excellent facilities until we moved into the recently departed husk of the Scum last summer.

And what an excellent job Imraan has made of utilising all of the wondrous facilities at Non Park.  It does make you wonder how much of a fluke his successful locum business was when measured against his record since.  Burger bar in Rocky Road car park. Hmm. Blink-and-you'll-miss-it Insurance company.  Well.... Chinese restaurant in a football ground, outside a god-fearing village where they would probably burn at the stake anyone of oriental appearance.  What was he thinking?

Happier days.  Happier demonstrations. 
Equally miserable Poppies fans

It seems the only successful innovation Imraan has overseen at his time at the Poppies was the organisation of his red card demonstration.  It must have been a good idea, because it would appear he is going to be on the receiving end of a similar stunt on Saturday.  Or at least his empty seat in the Director's box will feel the withering blast of a few pieces or red card waved around, in a rapidly depopulated, and unloved stadium!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How did it go so wrong? asks Pedro (and the rest of us)

As we sit transfixed in front of Poppynet in the dog days of the Imraan Ladak era, it’s worth asking how did it go so wrong?

If we think back to the start of this era, it seemed all of our Christmases had come together. We had a rich young chairman, promising us the earth with one of football’s biggest names as manager. Immediately new players started arriving (with the CV to demonstrate the commitment to flowing football and success). Admittedly, it quickly went pear-shaped but the necessary action was taken and Morrell Maison arrived, steadied things and had us playing champagne football. At this time I, like many of us, couldn’t wait for the next feast of football, only slightly dulled by the nagging inability to fix the defence. Yes, we could score 4 every game but the opposition could often score 4 or more themselves. Sadly, Morrell couldn’t bring us the success Imraan craved and he was eventually dispatched (who knows what might have happened had he been kept on and we’d won the playoffs that season?!).

Mark Cooper was brought in, funds were provided, and we romped home as champions of BSN. The glory days were just around the corner. Murmurings of discontent would occasionally become more than murmurings with a steady turnover of back office staff. However, this was easy to ignore while success on the pitch, coupled with lucrative high profile cup runs, continued. Coops eventually went on to pastures anew with all our best wishes. From here on, things quickly began to slide, I’d say you can even put a date on it: the night John Deehan was sacked.

Throughout this time, Imraan kept his own profile high, regularly arguing with the Conference Board (something many of us thought was more than due given the ridiculous way the Conference was, and still is, run; a bit like KTFC today! ) and supporting the Palestinian cause (again, something many of us didn’t just sympathise with, but admired him for and proudly wore the shirts with the logo).

Ever since, we seem to have been a club on the verge of crisis, eventually falling off the verge into full on crisis. Yet we, the fans, have never been told

How is it that a chairman that once seemed the answer to all our prayers, a chairman who walked amongst us fans and was a fan, who brought us huge success for a time, who championed causes many of us supported, a chairman that at one time had so much goodwill, has now become such a pariah? Had he been open and honest with everyone, working with the many people who only want what’s good for KTFC instead of seeing plots against him everywhere, we’d have helped him overcome whatever crisis or crises ahead.

Sadly, instead of going down in memory for all the right reasons, Imraan will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Pedro - The Voice of Reason

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Careful with that axe, Eugene

We have had to put up with the former club employees grinding their axes with Imraan for many months on Poppynet.  You know, the ones who grandly announce that they are privy to tidbits of information that they couldn't possibly divulge to mere mortal Poppies supporters.  Oh no.  Heaven forbid.  It's enough that YOU know that THEY know something.

As it has transpired, they have been "right" and the club has been royally f**ked over by Imraan.  Not that any of them were in the least bit specific with their dark mumblings, but you wouldn't know this from the way they are crowing as the club is about to blink out of existence.

As we have all known, almost since his arrival, Imraan has run the Poppies in what could charitably be called a scandalously haphazard fashion.  And no one  has known this better than the axe-grinders, as they have been on the inside, looking out.  They have grandly swanned around the ground on matchdays, with their superior expressions, swathed in their "Poppies officialdom".  All seeing and all knowing.   They would have known then how Imraan was running the club, but did any of them say anything then, whilst exercising influence, strutting around in club blazers, or banking their DRC paychecks?  Of course not. They were more than happy to go along with Imraan's shenanigans as long as they were on the inside.  All of which makes their bleating now that they are just ordinary fans like the rest of us so hard to swallow.

Unfortunately this attitude has shown itself again with regard to the Supporters Trust.  Former members of the Trust committee, who have stood down over the years because they couldn't play nice with others, or threw their toys out of the pram, are popping up now asking why the Trust isn't organising boycotts, or setting up a brand new club, or at the very least, hiring a hitman to "rub-out" Imraan.

Again, when they were on the Trust committee they did bugger all, but now are demanding action from everyone else.  God alone knows why anyone would choose to be on this committee.  Since formation thay have contributed thousands to the club, organised pretty much every event the club has put on, and paid for most developments at Rocky Road such as disabled access, and new goalposts.  They even shelled out, at Imraan's "invitation" to pay to investigate our using Corby's new ground.

Former committee members, and others, including many who can't be arsed to part with a few quid to actually join, are clamouring for the Trust to ride in and sort all of the club's problems.  Not an easy task.  A thread on Poppynet talking about a simple task of demonstrations at "home" to FGR will have as many different suggestions as their are posters.

Painful as it is to admit, but until Imraan actually does something there is very little ANYONE can do.  If we want something to happen at the FGR game why not clamour for Imraan to take the microphone at halftime and tell us what's going on?  He likes talking.  He probably believes he can still talk us around.  All of us will be there.  And, if we don't like what we hear at least the Trust-hired hitman will have a clear shot.....

Friday, 6 January 2012

Stimson - A Poppies Career

September 2011, and Mark arrives at Non Park,
confident in his abilities and looking forward
to the challenge of lifting Morrell Maison's motley
collection of bored lard-arses up the
Blue Square League.

By November the  strain begins to show as most of  the large
group of lazy tubbies are shown the door and not replaced.

Not sure about the Chairman either....

By December the effort involved with
trying to keep a team of malingerers, 10 year olds
and malcontents going is taking it's toll.

Hasn't spoken to the Chairman since his
interview.  Can't remember his name.

After the Luton games, working with
a rapidly shrinking squad, and suffering from
further strain, Mark finally
hears back from the Chairman.

It's good news, he's free!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Poppynet goes Pop!

Graham Jones has spotted a painful flaw in online forums in general, and our own Poppynet in particular!  Please remember, if any of the posters have an issue with how they are portayed below, this wasn't written by the PATGOD staff! Doesn't mean we don't agree though!

"Have you noticed lately that no matter what the subject is on Poppynet the subject always finishes up with people having the same argument? Here is one thread that got banned.

Gaj: Haven’t we had a lot of wind and rain lately in Kettering.

The Gob: There’s been more at Nene Park though.

CC: I don’t know that Pink Floyd song Simon. Have you heard something about them having a new CD out?

The Gob: I tried telling people at Wicksteed Park that they have more rain at NP but everyone just put on their anoraks and just went there singing in the rain

CC; actually NP has the third highest rainfall of any ground in the Conference. Points for anyone who knows the top 2.

Penfold: I bet Radio Northampton won’t do a weather forecast for Kettering though.

JC: The trust knew NP has more rain but would anyone listen?

Horace: As long as it doesn’t get into my pint of Fugglemuckers Finger Ale I don’t care.

The Gob: That’s if IL has got any beer on. Didn’t he promise we would have free beer at NP?

Gretton Poppy: Is it Ebbsfleet?

CC: no

Timaloy: It rains a lot at Ibrox.

Elvis: I hadn’t used to think it was IL’s fault about all the rain lately but now I’m not so sure.

Pedro: At last people can see that it always rains more when the Tories are in power.

Sadman: I have checked and in fact it does rain at Rockingham Road as well

The Gob: I tried telling people at Wicksteed Park that they have more rain at NP but everyone just put on their anoraks and just went there singing in the rain.

Sev: We have thought about having a meeting about the rain but it is not possible due to our constitution.

Wotever: Believe me, it will pour down non-stop for the next 5 days.

Scully: When I was at the club my youth players had to get used to playing in rain, so we practised in the showers with the water full on.

Paulk: No wonder the electric bill was so high. I think IL knew all along that it rains a lot at NP as I used to tell him all the time but he wouldn’t listen. Solkhon plays well in the rain.

HOTK: …. ….. ….. …… …..!

The Gob: I tried telling people at Wicksteed Park that they have more rain at NP but everyone just put on their anoraks and just went there singing in the rain.

Everybody: Shut up!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

This is why we don't normally talk to the press

It was my big moment. As I shuffled towards the turnstile, it became apparent there was a reporter asking fans for their views. Quickly I collected my thoughts...

“Excuse me, we’re asking fans for their hopes for 2012?”

I paused for a moment.

"I say to you today, my friend, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.

I have a dream that one day this club will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that every supporter can watch his team play in its rightful home."

I have a dream that one day even the plain of Irthlingborough, swimming with injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that one day the club of Kettering Town, whose owner’s lips are presently dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, will be transformed into a situation where we glimpse the promised land.

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and we won’t be stuffed 5-0 twice inside a week.

This is our hope. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our struggle into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day".

The ET edited this slightly to:

“We need the embargo lifted, or I fear Poppies will be going down.”

Bloody journalists.

Monday, 2 January 2012

You know things are grim when...

...The team runs out to ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’

...Followed by ‘Daydream Believer’.

...Poppynet’s Prediction League is abandoned due to an overdose of pessimism.

...Away fans sympathetically refrain from pointing out we’re shit and we know we are.

...Yet again we’re losing at home with the scoreboard reading 2.59pm.

...The team earn warm applause for avoiding defeat by a spectacular margin.

...Marcel McKie would greatly strengthen the squad.

...So would Ernie Moss. Now.

...Cobblers are in free fall and we’re all too depressed to care.

...The most likely opponents next Christmas are AFC Diamonds.

...It wasn’t this bad under Mark English.