Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Kick Up the Noughties

As the decade that has finally acquired a name - the Noughties - prepares to give way to another ten years with no working title whatsoever (the Teens sounds like an early 60s band with matching suits who managed a solitary hit), it's time to come over all retrospective and look back at what the past decade has meant for KTFC.

New Year's Day 2000, widely held to be the start of the new millennium by all but determined pedants like me, who irritated everyone by insisting the real event was a year later, saw over 2,500 flock to Rockingham Road to see what was undoubtedly a dull match against Nuneaton because they always were. The honour of notching our first goal of the new decade fell to Leroy Chambers, and if you can recall anything about him, well done.

What looked like being just another slow death of a season was unexpectedly rescued by an event almost as rare as a new millennium - a run in the Trophy. It was ironic that we should finally return to Wembley with a distinctly average team, and it is doubtful that the low key occasion itself spawned even a fraction of the generation of Poppies fans who claim Wembley 79 as their first match. However the next day featured the obligatory opentop bus ride around Kettering, one of several during the decade and all rather too long for the thin numbers that lined the route. I recall Sam Banya on the top deck beaming royally like he'd personally won us the cup with a brilliant hat trick. Well in his own way he became a legend, and if only the technology was around then his glaring miss against Rothwell would be a Youtube classic.

Two years later the same bus was on duty again but only to mark our return to the same level after a season in the Southern Prem that was enough to turn your hair grey. Not many teams lose four in a row and still end up champions and even fewer do so after contriving to be beaten by the mighty Newport IOW in the run in. But somehow we pipped Tamworth by a tiny margin thanks to the Folkestone keeper saving a penalty whilst we won at Tiverton, and were still celebrating on their pitch long after the match.

The following season, in the words of Captain Blackadder, began badly, fell away a bit in the middle, and the less said about the end the better. Down we went again, this time to the alien surrounds of the Ryman Premier aka the old Isthmian League. Which meant a succession of home defeats to tiny outfits from Essex before a late rally under Kevin Wilson enabled us to make the cut for the new north and south feeders to the Conference, or as it was now known, the Conference Premier.

Our first season in the Nationwide North was a relative success: top of the table for a while and defeat in the playoffs. At least it felt like we had bottomed out and were looking upwards. Then in October 2005 Peter Mallinger sold the club to Imraan Ladak and immediately we were national news. Not solely for that reason - Imraan had thoughtfully scoured the football world for a suitable person to entrust with team affairs and come up with... Paul Gascoigne (belch). No club in the sixth tier of English football has ever enjoyed a higher profile than we did in those brief 39 days between Gazza meeting the gumbies on Football Focus and being fired after 1-3 vs Barrow.

KW was swiftly reinstated but to no avail and by the end of the campaign IL had fed him to the crocodiles too, and the boys in red were taking on a new look with exotically named recruits that tested Pete Simcoe's matchday announcements to the limit. Half the team had French names and so did the manager - surely this heralded an era of unbroken success? Well - no. What Morell Maison lacked in expertise he didn't quite make up for in quotability. Shortly after we topped the table in March he poked Droylsden in the chest and said "catch us if you can!". Noting we were only a couple of points ahead, they said "ok!" and did. Imraan fired Morell with two games to go, appointed Westley to get us up through the playoffs, he didn't.

But from this low came the new dawn of Mark Cooper. First season: champions by 17 points (that bus again). Second season: FA Cup 4th Round. Third season: second in the league, Cup 2nd Round er zzzzp.

Six weeks later, Cooper off to Peterborough, squad in disarray, chairman again making headlines for all the wrong reasons, dropping down the table, can't buy a goal... Perhaps fitting that at the end of the Noughties, that's what we score.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Could you be Patrick Noubissie?

You are standing on the edge of your own area with the ball at your feet. Do you -

(A) Make sure you clear your lines, whether by a thumping clearance down the pitch or threaded forward ball?
(B) Try a little backheel flick to Boucaud?
(C) Pass square to Boucaud??

You are standing on the halfway line with the ball at your feet. Do you -

(A) Try to pick out a pass to one of our forwards and try to set up an attack?
(B) Try a little backheel flick to Boucaud?

(C) Pass square to Boucaud?

Somehow, and we're not exactly sure how, you are standing within 10 yards of the opposition goal. Do you -

(A) Try to get a shot away and perhaps even score for your club?
(B) Try a little backheel flick to Boucaud?
(C) Pass square to Boucaud?

How did you do?

Mostly (A). We don't really think you've got what it takes to stand around the middle of the park looking for little passes to Andre all day long. Better luck next time.

Mostly (B) or (C). Welcome Patrick! It's good that you've taken the time to fill in our silly little quiz.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Quick update from Exodus!

"Hi Guys. Hope you saw my winning goal at the weekend? Right man in the right place at the right time! Can't remember how many goals baldy-Branston has scored in his mickey-mouse league; can you?" Oh yeah, that's right - a big fat none. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Nil point. F**k-all!

Ha ha.

Stay cool, X

"Back of the Net!" Screams Exodus, as he celebrates with delighted Posh fans, who 5 minutes earlier wanted his lanky arse on the next bus back to Kettering.

Issue 8 - The Next Ten Years of County Football Part Two

Oops! We seem to have left it just over a couple of months since part one of this reprint from Patgod issue 8. Hopefully this is just about long enough to avoid any of the "burst sides" we were worried about!

We don't recall indulging in mind-altering drugs during the production of Issue 8, but having re-read the following article, we wouldn't fancy trying to prove it in court!

1995-1996 Season

Rushden perform the unique feat of winning the First Division thus being the only team to win each division in consecutive years. The FA Cup and League Cup follow and they are only prevented from winning the European Cup Winners Cup when Diego Maradona scored a winner, seemingly off his zimmer. Roger Ashby says, "I'm disappointed for the 60,000 fans we brought from Rushden all the way to the final here in Vladivostok.

Northampton Town chairman comes clean and admits the new ground was really, and I quote, "A little white lie." At an extraordinary club meeting Dick Underwood stepped down and comedian and moments long Cobblers fan Bruce Forsyth was elected to the office of Chairman by a 2/3 majority of supporters and directors. The actual voting was, for - 20, against - 10, unable to sign a cross - 236.

Mr Forsyth's first action was to secure the team's new ground in the car park of the Las Vegas Hilton, where he was spending the season as 5th warm-up act for Keith Harris and Cuddles (Orville having been tempted away by Rod Hull as a replacement for Emu, who'd signed for Arsenal as their new centre forward). The Cobblers make the jet-lag suffered by opposing sides pay as they manage to finish 2 from the bottom.

Corby Town are relegated from the Kettering Sunday League for failing to fulfill over half of their fixtures. Newly appointed supporter-manager Angus McChunder says, "Corby who?"

Kettering Town come 2nd in the GMVC.

1996-1997 Season

Rushden win all the domestic trophies and defeat Inter Milan in the final of the European Cup. Roger Ashby's name is linked with at least 24 teams on the continent, but says, "Where could I go that can be any bigger than Rushden Town?"

Northampton Town are forced to return to England and are forced to share Peterborough Ice Rink with the Peterborough Pirates Ice Hockey Team. A number of the more attractive players win contracts to appear with Mr Forsyth on "Play Your Cards Right". The uglier ones get bit-parts on "you Bet!" The club enjoys one of its best seasons for many years because, " the playing surface was so similar to the one they played on at the County Ground."

Corby Town spend the season playing a series of prestige friendlies against various groups of youths who wander around the Exeter estate in the town. Keith McSkoda, ex-all in wrestler takes over the reins at the club because, "I'm the hardest bastard you'll ever come across, and I've got the only football."

Kettering Town finish 2nd in the GMVC.

1997-1998 Season

Rushden Town's capacity is raised to 125,000 in time to parade the clean sweep of trophies they capture. The club is invited to join a new European Super League. Town Mayor, and recently knighted manager Roger Ashby says, "It just so happens that I was looking for a league to put our 5th team in."

Northampton Town changes hands when Bruce Forsyth loses the club in a side bet with Ronnie Corbett during a pro-am golf tournament in Salt Lake City. As new chairman, Mr Corbett spends several hours introducing himself to the team. He promises a new ground, more players, sponsorship by his jumper manufacturer, and tells them an extremely long version of a joke his producer had told him a few nights previously.

Corby Town, under the leadership of Raith McSkoda begin a campaign at the Wellingborough Indoor Cricket League but bow out after one game. Mr McSkoda says, "It's a friggin' rip off!" In the ensuing scuffle Mr McSkoda partially destroyed the cricket hall and hospitalised 2 dozen police and firemen.

Kettering Town finish 2nd in the GMVC.

1998-1999 Season

Rushden Town supply the entire England football team which wins the World Cup, held for the first time in the Galapagos Islands. In a see-saw final they defeated surprise finalists Luxembourg 23-0. Rushden, England Manager, and recently appointed Papal Legate, Roger Ashby says, "The World Cup is the cake, but the league is our bread and butter."

Northampton Town play their fixtures in the back garden of Ronnie Corbett's house in Hertfordshire, while awaiting completion of their new ground which was being built in the centre of the large roundabout on the A43 on the way to Kettering. Mrs Corbett says, " I don't mind really, except when they tread on the flowerbeds."

Following the sentencing of previous manager Raith McSkoda to 25 years for assault and criminal damage, Neil Edwards returns to take over the club. He says, "We only intend to play in the Kettering and District Cribbage League until the club is back on its feet and able to afford a new football."

The Football League decide to allow the top 2 clubs from the GMVC into the league.

Kettering Town finish 3rd in the GMVC.

1999-2000 Season

Rushden Town again win everything. They even reach the semi-final of the Benson Hedges Cup before losing to Essex. A new T-Shirt is launched bearing the legend, "I SUPPORTED RUSHDEN WHEN THEY WERE IN NON-LEAGUE FOOTBALL" Over 170,000 were bought in the first week. Manager, pop star, male model, cabinet minister and chatshow host Roger Ashby says, "Ain't life wonderful?"

Northampton Town move into their new ground but it is closed by the council due to lack of planning permission 6 1/2 minutes into their first game of the season. In an act of desperation Mr Corbett asks the County Cricket Club for their old ground back. The cricket club agrees on the condition that Mr Corbett agrees to make no more episodes of "Sorry!", and stops the BBC from repeating "30-odd years of the Two Ronnies". With this settled they return home and are promptly relegated.

Corby Town purchase a second-hand football and manager Neil Edwards says, "Now watch us go!" Luckily for the club, at that exact same moment the SDP Government, under the leadership of David "You can stuff proportional representation up your arse now we're in power" Owen, it is decided to remove the entire town of Corby back to Scotland allowing even a team as bad as Corby Town to win titles.

As a joke the FA allow the top 21 clubs in the GMVC to enter the Football League.

Kettering Town finish 22nd.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Miserable Scrotes missing the X-Factor

The people of Northamptonshire are amongst the most negative, moaning, doom-mongers imaginable.

The people of Kettering are the most miserably negative group in Northamptonshire.

The Poppies supporting folk of Kettering are the grisliest bile-spreaders within the town.

And elements of the Poppynet community are the blackest-hearted, moan-merchants amongst the Kettering support.

And, in the grand scheme of things, that makes them pretty negative.

Take the reaction to poor X, for example. Sure, he's packed away his largely ineffective long-throw and left us for Peterborough. He took the opportunity to further his footballing career in a far higher division. Ordinarily even the biggest whiners on Poppynet would wish him well, and count him amongst the "Glorious Few" of ex-Poppies that we could be kinda proud of. As opposed to the 99.5% of former players we would be perfectly content to never hear of again.

The odd, and very odd Poppynetter seem to have taken great exception to anyone even daring to mention X on their hallowed electronic pages. This former player appears to have become persona non grata in double quick time, and anyone who reports on his activities at his new club is aggressively rounded-on. Is it just because he is an ex-X, and we shouldn't be wasting keystrokes on anyone who no longer pulls on the red of Kettering? I hope not, as these same people have no problem in talking about our history and the players who have represented us in the past when it suits them. It would seem unfair to deny others the same right, surely? At the bottom of this page is a photograph of the great Roy Clayton. Should this be removed as he no longer holds down an automatic starting place for the Poppies? (but who knows, with our limited striking options nowadays...)

I'd rather think that talk of Big X is exposing a raw nerve amongst certain of our support. Because his departure, and that of Cooper now appears to have become the defining moments of an end of an era? The good days have gone and all that is left is uncertainty and worry? A run of defeats under Lee Harper, the almost incessant rain during his tenure (did it ever rain under Cooper?), and a Chariman who seems intent upon steering the Club onto the rocks have made for particularly interesting times.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Violent Night, Holy Night

With the Premiership Christmas party season in full swing, here's the latest.

Parents of Chelsea players are asked to note the following timetable:

8pm - arrive at party

9pm - get tanked up

10pm - dressing up game

11pm - tequila shots followed by vodka & red bull chasers

12am - meet Santa

1am - film each other having sex

2am - jelly and ice cream

3am - punch photographer and assault taxi driver

Meanwhile Stoke manager Tony Pulis has played down reports of a frenzied bloodbath after he cancelled the players party in favour of extra throw-in practice.

"I'm disappointed with the way this has come out", he said, whilst assisting police with their enquiries into the deaths of six players and a member of the backroom staff.

"I was brought up that what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room. It's important for my surviving players to have trust that whatever is said and done will remain within those four walls".

"This is player power gone mad".

Final result from Liverpool Magistrates Court:
Club DJ 2 black eyes, Steven Gerrard 0.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Update from Exodus

Hi Lads

Things are going OK for me at Peterborough. I haven't managed to get a challenge in yet, but at least my throws are starting to become successful!

Oh, and tell Branston when you see him, that I was the best defender you had, and that he was only there to make up the numbers and f**k-up my throw-ins!

That's why he's in League 2 and I'm in the Championship!

Catch you later.

Big X.

Update from Guy

Hi lads.

I thought I'd take it easy for a few weeks by sitting out a few games. My decision to have a bit of a break just so happened to coincide with a ban for the dozens of yellow cards I've unjustly received this season.

Without me in the team the rest of the lads just about stumbled to a 6-1 win yesterday.

Saw your FA Cup games with Leeds and have got to say that for a little, non-league side, you weren't all that bad. Still not sure of that Roper-fella though, with his ability in the air, solid defending and all-round leadership abilities.

Strangely, I have yet to hear from Mark Cooper since he took over at the Posh. I assume this is because of bad phone reception where I live. Mark was obviously so frantic he rushed out and signed Exodus in the hope that some of the Branston magic had rubbed off on him during our time together.

Anyway, got to go. They tell me I'm due for a spell, "on the bench". No, I've no idea what that means either!

Cheers, Guy XXX

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Oh God Another Telford

So we can now make alternative plans for Trophy Final day next May. Well nothing new there. Only once in the last 30 years has that occasion required Poppies fans to clear their diary. Despite dutiful references to "a cup we can actually win", no one seriously expected us to get very far with a squad suddenly looking very threadbare indeed.

Barrow scored one. They might have had two. So what. Teams with attacking flair would expect to overcome that. Our problem is the lack of options. Plan A looked ok for a while in the first half but once Barrow worked out that we couldn't vary it, it was child's play for them to keep us out after they scored.

It's going to be a tough few weeks until the next opportunity to refresh things in January, but if LH (or whoever) is denied the necessary resources then, it's going to be a tough few months.

Never a Dull Moment Part Three

I think I've heard Imraan on the radio this week more often than Terry Wogan. His latest broadcast was in response to Jim Hakewell's offer of private discussions about a new ground. Worryingly, Imraan still seems reluctant to sit down with the Council officials without the Poppies supporting public being present.

Obviously, this is something the Council won't do, so there is the real danger of a fatal impasse. The recent favourable publicity the Club has enjoyed has brought the Council to the negotiating table. Hakewell sounds increasingly desperate to sit down with Imraan, and now it looks to the casual observer as though the Football Club is the stumbling block to these talks.

Get in there Imraan! As the Club's high profile starts to wain again these offers of talks may well dry up. You don't need us all in there with you to argue our case. However, it might be an idea to have a representative supporter as part of your group to ensure the Council don't try to screw us over. That is always harder to do with an actual voter in the meeting!

There's a time to play hardball, and a time to make peace. For the sake of the Poppies, surely now is the time to make peace?

The Clock is Ticking......

Friday, 11 December 2009

Please God Not Another Telford

Anyone who recalls our previous, paper incarnation will perhaps recall the phrase "Telford Day" which we coined to describe the perfect storm of a large home crowd, a significant match and a thorough gumping by a visiting team with nothing to play for. So called because of a grisly occasion back in April 1991 when Telford (in their previous, United incarnation) rolled up to Rockingham Road, yawned and stuck five past us.

However a very different sort of Telford Day (an AFC Telford day?) unfolded last season when the emotional high of an FA Cup battle against the big boys was very closely followed by the crashing low of going out of the Trophy with barely a whimper .

Tomorrow, worringly, it's all looking too familiar. Throw in the extra ingredients of a manager who's still to confirm whether he can resolve his differences with the chairman, and a bunch of players who are either (a) disenchanted (b) borrowed or (c) probably still knackered from Tuesday, and it doesn't bode too well for a Trophy run extending much beyond 5pm Saturday.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time we've exited two cups in the space of a week. We may even have done three once, if you count the Bob Lord Trophy.

But come on guys let's be positive. We're playing Barrow, so if we get past the first 4 seconds it could be our day. And Jason Lee is still banned from coming within 10 miles of Rockingham Road.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Never a Dull Moment Part Two

Imraan and Deehan

I don't suppose we'll ever really know what happened in those minutes after the game. I'm not sure even those involved can entirely and accurately remember the exact order of events, and what precisely was said.

Having listened to both of Imraan's radio interviews, as well as John Deehan's and Lee Fowler's ones I was struck by how genuine they all sounded. None of them said anything which screamed out, "I am lying, but I hope that no-one notices!" Of course, each of them painted themselves as the injured party, but I reckon each of them is telling the truth as they remember it. Nevertheless it makes our Club look like amateur-hour again.

So, where does all this leave us?

Deehan, if he was ever actually employed by the club has gone. Imraan's talent for self-destructive publicity continues. Hopefully Lee Harper will remain as Manager, if he can reach an understanding with his mercurial Chairman. Also hopefully, Lee Fowler does the decent thing and asks for his contract to be terminated. This would leave him available to another club, and rid us of a player who doesn't want to be here, but is content to continue to collect his wages.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Never a Dull Moment Part One

The Leeds Games

Great effort from everyone involved - The bottom line is that although we lost in the end, Leeds United couldn't defeat us over two 90 minute games. Leeds supporters don't come out of the games well either. Their much trumpeted vocal support, was sporadic at best and strangely seemed to coincide with their goals.

The fact that less than 9000 of them turned up highlights the difference between their supporters' perception of the Club and the truth. Regardless of who they were playing, surely a Leeds fan would come along and support Leeds? Never mind, I'm sure all their legions of stay-at-home diehards will be bombarding their ticket office for the opportunity to watch their team get annihilated by a genuinely big club.

Those last 15 minutes of extra time were just too much for us. I blame myself, and others like me, who were just starting to think about who in our team might be good at penalties...!

In the end, our legs and luck gave out at about the same time, but we exit the FA Cup with our heads held high. At least until the post match post mortem began....

The Bookies consider this the final score, and we're not about to argue!

Ladak: If Only

If only our chairman had acted sooner to avoid the embarrassment we suffered at Elland Road last night.

If only he'd delivered the team talk, advising the players precisely how to negate the threat posed by Leeds, instead of allowing them to defend like a disorganised rabble and ship one goal in 105 minutes.

If only he'd pulled on his boots and lead the attack, instead of allowing our clueless management duo to persevere with the inadequate Elding, who blew 50% of the chances that came his way.

If only he'd had the courage of his convictions and used our substitutes to maximum effect, playing five across the back, six in the middle and three up front.

If only he'd listened to his head and not his heart and ditched that aging crock Harper, who contented himself merely with keeping the score down, rather than doubling as a sweeper and fulfilling a holding midfield role.

We wouldn't be in the mess we are now.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Good old Shorty - flying the flag for PATGOD!

I always smile when Peter Short is wheeled on by Radio Northampton to comment on whatever forthcoming event the Poppies are about to encounter. Not that Shorty doesn't do well - he does. He does far better than most of us would do. He speaks clearly, is amusing and holds up his end of the conversation. And that's not always easy when talking to Joe (Wannabe-Shock-Jock) Pignatiello, whose idea of broadcasting is to immediately take the opposite viewpoint of anyone he talks to. Regardless of the subject. It doesn't matter if the conversation is about a forthcoming nuclear Armageddon, or judging cakes at a WI event, if you have one point of view, you can bet your life he will be in the opposite corner.
Talking on the radio is a different to talking to each other. Firstly, you've got to remember not to swear, not even when mentioning the Direones, and this takes more skill than I could muster. You've also got to remember not to go "um" between every word you speak and not to say, "Y'know?" at the end of every sentence. And as much as you try not to do it, it is almost impossible not to lapse into "football-speak". Suddenly you are asked to express your delight at a big win, and no matter how frantically you scrape the inside of your brain for a clever or amusing response, all your grey matter can conjure up is, "OVER THE MOON", which dribbles embarrassingly out from between your gritted teeth. It's enough to make you feel as sick as a parrot.

Anyway, back to Shorty who must cringe when he is introduced by the DJ as the Kettering's fanzine editor. Thankfully the DJ never follows this up with a potentially tricky question like, "when's the next fanzine due out?" How long is a piece of string?

We at the online version know from painful experience that producing a printed publication from scratch can be hellish.

  • Deadlines.
  • Production of articles.
  • Making the wording fit the pages.
  • Non-existent letters page.
  • News and stories that can be months out of date by the time people see it.
  • Paying the printer.
  • Selling the bloody thing.
  • Explaining what a fanzine actually is, and patiently pointing out for the millionth time that it is NOT the programme.
A long list of painful problems. Why do you think PW and myself stopped doing it years ago? It really is more trouble than it's worth, particularly when there is an online alternative.

Nowadays we are laughing! Deadlines? What deadlines? We can type what we like, when we like. The guy who prints the fanzine will have to fund his next BMW from some other sucker! And we no longer have to carefully edit to ensure the articles fit the available area. We can type as much or as little as we want. We can end a piece when we feel like it. Just like this in fact.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Was it something we said?

Never doubt the power of PATGOD!!!


Half of the strikers on this list from barely a fortnight ago have now been deemed surpus to requirements....


So, has Imraan accepted the Council's offer for private talks? Or is he still holding out for a public debate? I truly hope it is the former. As much as we all like the idea of a big, open, public debate with the club and council on the top table, it would clearly turn into a noisy slanging match. Much better to have the public meeting when the club and council have yanked the irons out of the fire and reached a mutually beneficial settlement. Yes, we'll call one of the stands, the "Hakewell Stand" if that's what it takes. They can call the two terraces the Hitler and Stalin terraces for all I care, and I'd gladly book a table in the Pol Pot Lounge for my pre-match meal if it means we have somewhere to play.

I fervently hope that more is going on behind the scenes than is obvious to the outside observer. At the moment we are a club in limbo. A draw against Leeds, a win away at Luton, and a forthcoming replay at Elland Road, with Manchester United waiting in the wings, and what happens? We lose again at home to a moderate Salisbury, with barely more than a thousand people in the ground. We should be revelling in our unprecedented success! Dave Tailby should be running around 'Arborough with his willy hanging out!

This is something I never understand about the Poppies. A couple of thousand extra people turn up for the Leeds game, and somehow we fail to hang onto any of them the following Saturday. Why is this?

Are we the only team that never seems to build on its hardcore support in any meaningful way? Is it down to the pricing structure? The ticketing arrangements? The complete lack of certainty over our future? Or, more likely, a mixture of all of the above?

Imraan, do us all a favour and talk to the council, and make it soon!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

These Are The Days My Friend

There are times in life when you just have to stop and smell the roses. This is one of those moments. In years to come, whatever the future may hold, we'll look back at 2009 with buckets of nostalgia. Forget 1979 or 1989, there has never been a more emotional time to be a Poppies fan than right now.

In '89 our Cup achievements were overshadowed and those were different days when non-League football had a much lower profile. Now the club has made national headlines in consecutive seasons and - far better - for exploits on the pitch rather than gimmicky recruitments off it. At last we are no longer known only to the casual football fan as that club who Gazza managed. The FA Cup is our path to glory, and dare we imagine the impact if by some magic we win next week's replay? It could literally be the making of Kettering Town.

But whatever the result at Elland Road, this is already the season in which we have beaten Luton, Wrexham, Cambridge United and Hartlepool, drawn with Oxford and of course Leeds. A few names to conjure with in there, never mind what division they currently occupy. We've gone to a string of bigger clubs as underdogs and silenced their crowds, giving the present generation of Poppies fans a bunch of awayday highlights as good as anything in our history. Yes Barnet and Wycombe were fantastic at the time, but I dare say we'd have swapped them for winning at Kenilworth Road.

The fact that this could all prove to be a glorious last hurrah for KTFC as we know it is something best not dwelt upon. If the events of just the past few days have proved anything, it is that this club just won't lie down and where there's life there's hope.

Match Report from Kenilworth Road

David Pleat... Andy Dibble... Kerry Dixon... Nick Owen... Monty Panesar... Lorraine Chase... Esther Rantzen... We have beaten them all... Eric Morecambe, can you hear me Eric Morecambe... Your boys took a hell of a beating!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sweet man-love at the Poppies No.2

Simon and JD wait patiently for the doors to open for 80's night at the "Electric Cucumber" Nightclub.