Saturday, 30 December 2017

Is it wrong....

...that I have had the following video playing, almost on a continuous loop since it was posted onto the tinterweb?

I'll wager, though, that Rene has played it more!

Click here - say hello to December's Goal of the Month!

I do quite like the reaction at the bottom of the screen of one of our staff, all in dark grey. I thought it was Marcus at first, but am not sure now.  It's the guy who's celebration looks like one a rather angry C3PO might attempt!

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Fans survive solitary home setback

With great resolve and fortitude, it would appear we Poppies (other than the usual few suspects) have managed to see beyond the mid-week defeat at home to Hereford.  Where, usually, we would have taken to social media to rend our team, club, officials, fellow supporters into bloody strips of gore simply for not winning a football match, on this occasion we seem to viewing matters in a calmer manner.


However, we can only do this for half a dozen important reasons: -

  1. Hereford only scored at the start of the game because we weren't ready
  2. Our offside goal was actually NOT offside
  3. The ball had gone out of play for their killer third goal 
  4. We had the better of the second half
  5. We only lost because we were denied the Tin Hat
  6. Somehow Richens WASN'T cautioned, and we only win when he gets booked
Therefore, logically, we won 2-1.  Kind of.

Fortunately we have conveniently forgotten that Hereford pretty much bossed the game for long periods, passed better than us, and put away their chances far better than our wasteful team.  Their defenders didn't make a load of calamitous individual mistakes, or be run ragged by a tricky winger.  And, their "Rene" showed how to lead the line and score a goal, unlike our Rene, who instead, decided he would be better employed trying to wind-up the opposition players and fans.

The fight is back on again for the Poppies.  Can we win the league?  Probably not.  Can we get into the Play-Offs?  We have a good a chance as anyone.  Would we all have taken this position were we offered it back in August?  Abso - f*cking - lutely!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Natives are Revolting (once again....)

Hereford are coming.  Whisper it quietly.  Lock up your livestock.  Tie down your daughters.

The Poppies (well, more likley the Police) are instigating the first attempt at segregation at Latimer Park, and, it's fair to say, those Poppies fans who tend to get heated about such things, are not letting us down.  Even supporters who have watched us home and away since our formation over 140 years ago are up in arms - numerous calls of "Shent Goo Agen" are echoing up and down the town.

And who can blame any Poppies fan for totally losing their sh*t at this disgrace?  We are being herded from our usual crappy, flat concrete standing place, to another, equally crappy place.  Oh, and we're losing "The Tin Hat...."  I truly fear the Hereford supporters' amused reaction to seeing exactly what we're losing our minds over being denied for the evening.  Is it the Kop?  The Stretford End?  The North Bank?

Hardly.  Is the loss of a few tin steps enough to make us fear Hereford?  Never mind our excellent home record - we can't possibly win without our tiny terrace!  All is lost!  We may as well hand the points over now.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Don't buy your undeserving relative that 8th Christmas Present.....

...perhaps a small donation here would be a better idea? 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

...and then there was four, or even five....

Many thanks to our keen-eyed readers for helpfully pointing out that in addition to regular appearances of former loanees Wilson, Wyke and Carayol (sounds like a solicitor firm you can trust), you can regularly catch Jevani Brown and Tom Flannagan strutting their singular stuff in the Football League.

Jevani was a player who certainly looked the part for us, until he got injured and then couldn't force his way back into the starting XI.  A week or two on the bench was enough for him to up sticks and head off to pastures new.

Tom Flannagan was a gangling youth, loaned from MK Franchise, who, if memory serves, made his debut for us away to the Scum, on a day we had something of an ad-hoc defence.  Tom started alongside the incredibly hefty Ian Roper, with former midfielders Patrick Noubissie and Marcus Kelly as full-backs, all playing in front of the eager, but erratic Nick Bussey.  Our main striking force was an unfit, returning Iyseden Christie.

Given that we usually lost heavily to the Scum, even when we were at our strongest, this team didn't look like improving our record, but, as history shows, we won our last competitive game against that now long-gone club.  Tom played well and made a good foil for Roper during his month or two with us.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Also looks familiar

Nick Provenzano's footballing rehabilitation is complete, as he is allowed
to assist with the 2018 World Cup draw, under the benevolent
gaze of former Fine Young Cannibal frontman, Roland Gift.

Looks familiar......

Sometimes you really shouldn't switch on Friday evening FA Cup football on the telly.  Particularly when it's a non league / football league match.  The balance of power at senior non-league level has certainly shifted since we last graced such heights.  So much so that I'm sitting here watching some f*cking team called Fylde, playing at an amazing looking stadium, and bugger me, I've just read that they are in the National League?

Hey?  What?  Who the, and what the hell are Fylde?  I mean, it's not even a place!

I'm not ashamed to admit I've had to lean very heavily on the Internet to glean any information about this Fydle thing.  After literally seconds of research, I think I've got a handle on AFC Fyeld.

How familiar does this sound?

  • The club had previously been amalgamated from two other clubs.  
  • Local, rich businessman wants to play football chairman.  
  • Builds ridiculously good ground on the edge of a village.
  • Throws huge wedges of cash at the "project." 
  • Lots of expensive players who've always wanted to play in Wesham (pop. 3584)

Well, we've all seen where this story ends, haven't we.  All I ask is that when Fdyle go bust, please, PLEASE don't try to move us there!

AFC Feydl's Mill Farm Stadium. 
All well and dandy.
But does it have Latimer Park's er, um.
Sorry, I got nothing.