Monday, 26 October 2009

The "Google" Test of Support

As our councillors continue to blather and ring their hands over the Poppies, and squeal about treating all the local sporting clubs exactly the same we thought we'd try to gauge the interest our small football club generates online.

By typing the word "Kettering" into the Google search engine, we were amazed to find that little old Poppies generated the most results with 381,000. The Council received a creditable 364,000 results, and the Hospital rounded out the top three with 326,000.

Curiously, none of the hundreds of sporting organisations within the Borough showed up at all in this not particularly scientific test. This is not to suggest in any way other sporting bodies within the area aren't important, but shows simply the level of interest the Poppies generates at a national and international level.

For better or worse, "Kettering" to the outside world, beyond planning guidelines, and "local plans" IS the Poppies. Not the Council. Not the Newland Centre. Not the Market Place. Not the Lighthouse Theatre. And certainly not the Lahnstein twinning association! Our councillors would do well to remember that when presiding over our fate.

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