Sunday, 1 November 2009

Don't all reply at once!

It has now been two weeks since we emailed our local elected officials to ask about their position with regard to the survival of the Poppies. The usual suspects, Hakewell and Hollobone trotted out the usual lengthy platitudes, full of political double-speak, and not even approaching answering the questions asked. If you've written to either gentleman you've no doubt received the exact same reply. We're equally sure they have it saved as a document to send via email upon request - regardless of the questions they are asked.

Of the other 30-odd councillors only two have seen fit to reply. Both positively. As for the rest - so much for democracy and local accountability. So much for the common decency of a response, even if it's, "F*ck you and your football club!" They've all been sent a little reminder as to what the general consensus is about politicians, and the fact that they are helping to foster this opinion.

The important points the Council are somehow not hearing, also the ET with it's coverage, are simply: -

The Poppies want NO COUNCIL MONEY.
The Poppies want NO COUNCIL LAND.
The Poppies seek only a favourable response to building an out of town shopping, football and community area. Such developments, although they may be frowned upon, are NOT ILLEGAL. It doesn't affect any of your precious "town plans" that are usually set in stone until the Council decide to bend or break them.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?

It seems that we are going around in circles. The Club and Asda (as was) won't put a planning application in without hearing positive noises from the Council, whilst the Council won't officially comment until the application goes in.

Of course, unofficially the Council may try to screw us over for new offices and a pool, but obviously that doesn't count. It's just politicians trying to f*ck us over once again. Just our luck to have the only Council in the country who don't understand the asset to a town a successful football club can be.


Well, the second email stirred up the proverbial hornets nest. Replies came thick and fast - mostly taking exception to our somewhat disgruntled tone at being ignored previously. Some showed support, but were fearful of stepping out of the line so well defined by the Council Leader. Others limply played "follow the leader" and said that the reply from Cllr Hakewell was also their reply. No doubt this is much better than thinking for themselves....

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