Thursday, 22 April 2010

How Many More Reasons Do We Need?

Just when you think you cannot possibly hate the Scum any more than you presently do, they always seem to push you that little bit further.

Whether it is beating you at home for the nth time, or that ditsy mare Thompson bleating about their incredible success on such a tiny budget, (I recall her mentioning a playing budget this season of twenty quid?) they continue to annoy.

Now they've pushed any reasonable Englishman over the edge by adopting the Argentinian national playing strip as their new away kit for next season! What is going on in their minds (beyond of course thoughts of incest and bestiality)?

Every time we see them now we will not only be reminded of Talbot, Griggs, stealing our players, thumping us at Rockingham Road, pillaging our livestock, raping our homes, and Duane Darby's shit-ugly face. We will now also be reminded of Diego Maradona and his cheating "hand-of-God" goal which cost us the World Cup as well!

Just how despised does one football club want to be?

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