Sunday, 20 February 2011

Looks like Harper was right after all.....

"Nuts, oh Hazelnuts"
Cast your mind back to the start of the season.  Former boss Lee Harper was stockpiling central defenders in much the way a squirrel gathers nuts to keep him alive through the winter.  I seem to recall that we were all a bit wary of the way Lee was using his "contract-bazooka" to fire out 2-year deals at every central defender he had ever played with.

But it looks as though Lee wasn't saddling us with too many big-lads after all.  Not when you consider yesterday's capitulation at Altrincham of all places.  As it now stands, we are a Sol Davis muscle-tweak away from fielding an entire midfield line-up across our defensive line.

A defensive back four of Pat, McKoy,Brett and Marcus isn't quite the grouping I expected to see us through to a comfortable mid-table finish, but, upon reflection, I guess I'd rather this than recalling Westwood and Koo-Boothe!

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