Thursday, 4 June 2015

Play that Funky Music, Ritchie

The question of what music the team run out to has again raised its head in Poppydom.  This is usually the point at which everyone throws out their suggestions, and then a club official picks an arbitrary piece of shite we all hate.

One needs to look no further than the painful, blaring dirge that's been inflicted upon us during our Latimer Park tenure.  Once upon a time we would have suggested that the "Tomahawk" 45 should be consigned to the nearest bin,  but these days it probably only needs to be highlighted and the "delete" key depressed.

As ever, "The Hustle" is suggested by most supporters.  It's not the greatest piece of music ever.  It's probably not the best tune knocked out by Van McCoy, but no other tune evokes memories of the 70's / 80's Poppies better.  I'm sure we played other songs over the years, but none of the others have remained in the memory bank.  None bring to mind the smell of Bovril and high tar cigarette smoke.  None recall foggy winter days and third rate club directors.

A member of our "Poppies Media" team has meanly suggested there is no chance of a return of "The Hustle" despite it's obvious popularity.  Most probably a modern "classic" has been lined up that will make the collection of fogies and younger-fogies that make up the vast bulk of our support moan and chatter in despair.

The "Coming Out" tune (must try and find a better expression.....) should never be hip, modern or functional.  Have people forgotten the embarrassing, home-made Wycombe song from the 90's?  Do Everton and Chelsea fans run home and play the Dixon of Dock Green theme or Liquidator after the match?  Of course not, but at the game they are expected and much loved.

Give us "The F*cking Hustle" you muppets!  What makes you think, even for a second, that you know better than us!  We've damn well earned the right to hear this middling disco-ditty.  We were watching this Poppies shite when you were still dangling off your mother's teat.  We demand some Van!

Van McCoy yesterday (ish)
This cool dude deserves a few
more royalties, surely? 


  1. I think you'll find that the 1960's police themed television theme is Z Cars

  2. Ah, yes. If it was "The Sweeney" I might have remembered it correctly!

  3. The Hustle is on Wave 105 (my local station)'s Golden Hour right now.

  4. The Hustle is on Wave 105 (my local station)'s Golden Hour right now.