Monday, 6 July 2015

At times I don't do myself any favours...!

Just a quick one to clarify, and then I'll honestly leave it alone - I wasn't really trying to get myself banned from KTFC Forum.

I used this pretense as the basis for a hopefully amusing blog.  I could have simply said, "I've been banned - WTF?". 

However, I thought I'd at least try to be light and amusing by suggest that I had deliberatly set out to be banned by being reasonable, even-tempered and merely offering alternative viewpoints to the norm on that Forum. 

In reality I was absolutely gobsmacked at being removed simply because I broadly support the efforts of the Trust, Club, Management and Volunteers.  But rather than simply bemoan this fact I thought I'd squeeze a funny blog out of it.

Entirely my fault for trying to be a bit sarcy, and forgetting not everyone "gets" my humour!

However, it seems I'm going to have to re-double my efforts to cash in my Poppynet chips too!


  1. Tail between your legs......

  2. That's one option. Happy to go with that.

    Other opinions might very well be that a dispiriting number of posters on the KTFC Forum simply believe what others tell them without bothering to check for themselves. Or have no grasp of irony. Or a sense of humour.