Saturday, 5 December 2015

Memo to Auntie Beeb

Just a quick note BBC, the whole country has NOT got a hard-on for Salford City.  We're not all cheering on those plucky underdogs, owned by barely a half-dozen multi-millionaires, in their battles against monsterous, bullying, footballing giants such as Notts County and Hartlepool.

Some of us recall how the media went similarly ga-ga over the Diamonds Scum when they first started knocking supposedly bigger clubs over.  Thankfully this attitude was soon tempered when commentators actually looked at this "Miracle by the Nene" and saw the obscene funding being forced into Max's vanity project.  Suddenly they weren't the plucky underdogs.  They were the fat cats.  So much money was gushed into "Project Inbred" that even Brian Talbot managed to get the team into the Football League.

Not only is the Beeb absolutely besotted with Salford City, but they are lazily not even pretending to look beyond them when it comes to televising FA Cup games.  That's right, let's throw even more money at Non-League Man Utd, sorry, Salford City.  Just what the club needs!  Northwich Victoria away to Northampton..... Other than the lowest placed team away to a club that almost went out of business last week, where's the story there?

So, Notts Couny and Hartlepool were lined up as sacrificial televisual lambs for the Class of 92's hobby club.  I'm not sure I recall the TV folks falling over themselves quite so much to televise OUR games against Notts County and Hartlepool a few years ago.  Strange that.  Mind you - I doubt they'd have televised us had we reached the f**king final!

What's the betting that their replay with Hartlepool gets the live TV treatment too?  Kerching!  Assuming of course the Beeb have any clue a to where Hartlepool is.  How close is it to Salford?

And what if Salford win the replay too?  Bosses at the Beeb will be praying to the Gods of TV Ratings that they draw Manchester United in the 3rd round.  Double Kerching!  They'll probably turn the rest of the season into a new football-based soap opera.

Cancel Strictly Come Dancing - replace it with Salford Coming in Pants!


  1. Oh someone sounds bitter

  2. Duh.....! Is this your first visit?