Sunday, 17 January 2016

Clutching at Straws Dept.

As memories of seeing our team play home games recede to the point of becoming legend, PATGOD is being forced to cast ever-further for anything Poppies related to report on from a Saturday afternoon.

This week the BBC quiz show "Pointless" came to the rescue with this week's painfully-thin-Poppies-connection-to-keep-us-ticking-over-until-it-stops-f**king-raining/snowing/freezing.  In a round of the quiz where the participants had name the artists behind various 70's disco classics, our old mate Van McCoy's Poppies staple - "The Hustle" was the best answer of the round.

That's right.

Instead of a pre-match pint, natter with mates, followed by football, half-time cup of tea, more football, some chips and another drink, with more nattering and catching-up, we have to subsist on a diet of a 10 second burst of a tune the team used to run out to 40 years ago.....

Slim pickings at the moment!

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