Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Patgod goes all "la-de-da!"

Once upon a time PATGOD was an actual publication.  Typed on paper.  Stapled together pages, making up a bona-fide fanzine.  Which we sold for money!  I know.  Mad!

Each issue we produced would raise anything from a few hundred to several hundred pounds. Printing the damn thing cost a fair wedge, but, generally once we'd made the painful effort to loiter outside Rocky Road enough times to shift copies of the bloody thing we ended up a few quid to the good.

Whatever profit that was generated invariably found its way back to the football club by way of donation, rather than over the social club bar as was generally assumed.  Whether or not the fanzine happened to be "banned" at the time had little or no impact of the club's selfless acceptance of the monies we'd raised.

One thing we never did with the donated money though was to sponsor a game, ball, programme or even the toilet rolls in the boardroom loo.  It never really occurred.  Sponsorship was for boozed-up, middle-aged businessmen.  Not for the likes of us.  We were far too cool, young and trendy.

These days we are certainly not too cool, young or trendy (we probably weren't back then if truth be told...) so have taken the plunge and sponsored the programme for Saturday's game with St Neots. While we'll be hob-nobbing with a better class of Poppies supporter we won't forget the people who put us where we are now, but bugger me, we would if we could!

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