Sunday, 31 July 2016

Don't Panic! (Part One for 2016-17)

Sure we lost badly to a bunch of former Poppies who aren't up to Southern League Premier League level.

We were outplayed by a bunch of heavy lower-league players.

We created very little, and looked like conceding every time the ball got anywhere near our penalty area.

The new season is just a week away and were shipping goals every time we play any team that are slightly above park-kick-around level.

But don't panic!  I've managed to cross off an item from my bucket-list.

I've still to fly a home-made glider from the top of Niagara, or ride a Unicorn over the Alps, but I've now managed to see David Kolodnski put in a solid 90 minutes of effort, without resorting to just moaning, goal-hanging and missing sitters.

Happy days!

Wow - is that sweat?

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