Saturday, 11 March 2017

Marcus paying the price for Poppies malaise

Some of our fans really need to get a grip.  We're not going up this season.  You know, most clubs in this division aren't.  Some are going to lose out in play-offs.  Some are going to bumble along to a mid-table finish.  Others are going to fight hard to avoid relegation.  A few teams will even BE relegated.

You know what?  These things happen.  It's called FOOTBALL.

Do some of our increasingly boring, teeth-gnashing fans believe every single season since 1872 has been unparalleled success and wall-to-wall brilliance?

Whenever I hear or read phrases like "worst ever game" or "worst ever season" I really do worry about the mentality of some people.  Six years ago we were regularly shipping several goals a game in front of barely three figures, with players moving at barely walking pace, and goalkeepers not diving just in case an injury leads to their next move falling through.

Since escaping Non Park, and limping through that season split between there and Steal Park, we have been building again year on year.  Play-off followed by promotion.  Followed by falling just short of the play-offs again.  Each season showed improvement.

And now this season has seen us plateau, and some fans are absolutely losing their sh*t!  Is it what any of us want?  Of course not.  Is it the end of Western civilisation as we know it?  Of course it bloody well isn't.  Not that an outsider would realise this if they read what some of the shrieking bile our young and not-so-young supporters are spouting after every defeat, and sometimes even after the wins!

No wonder Ritchie is looking to take more of a back seat!

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  1. Well said. Some people have very little grasp on reality and fail to understand that life has downs as well as ups.