Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Gang's All Here!

Lorne Cheetham - creator of PATGOD twenty years ago has finally caught up with us, and not, as we originally expected, to sue us for using the title he himself borrowed from Syd Barrett.

"Alright...I've got a whole box of old PATGODs. Are they worth anything yet? I have issue number one also! I knew it would never take off! And here we are 20 years down the road, and we're still tickling those gates of dawn. Up the Poppies. XX Lorne."

Sorry Lorne, I think you are being a bit hopeful as to the worth of PATGOD back issues. If you're lucky you might just get the cover price were you to sell them on. However, given that early doors the cover price was "FREE", I don't think you've got quite the nest egg you'd hoped for !

Best put them back in the loft and maybe the great-great grandchildren may be able to sell them and buy a jetpack or an antique Blue Ray DVD player.

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  1. Hey have you ever thought about producing a paper version of this fanzine? Lorne