Saturday, 19 May 2012

Northamptonshire finally finds identity

Our county has always had an image problem.  It doesn't really do anything.  It's somewhere others pass through rather than a place they go to.  This has been reflected in the County's branding over the years.  We've been labelled, "The County of Spires and Squires", reflecting the fact that the aristocracy and Church have successfully kept us down over the centuries.
Northamptonshire - Dancing Dug County!
We've been tagged, "The Rose of the Shires".  We've flirted with "Diana County".  Currently outsiders are being welcomed to our fair county with the line, "Northamptonshire - Let Yourself Grow", whereas the truth is more likely to be that upon arrival at Watford Gap, the cry is, "Let Yourself Go!"

Now, all of our scrabbling around for a suitable legend has been sorted since Ashleigh & Pudsey from Wellingborough swept all before them on the Britain's Got Weirdo's stage.  Now, finally, Northants is on the map!  No longer are we a third rate county in a third rate country - we've arrived!


  1. Nice use of dug rather than dog! My old nan speaks like that, but my mum doesn't and neither do I. The old accent is dying out for whatever reason.

  2. My dug Ben wants to know if Pudsey is a girly dug or not........... Actually, I don't think he really cares. He just wants to go walkies to Welly and score a sniff of famous canine arse before he gets the old sweet breads whipped off. That's real ambition.