Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sad Statto Alert!

Presently the Poppies sit proudly on top of the all-time Conference league table with a whopping 1500 points.  The full table can be seen here: -

The most obvious thing to note, is that barring a season of almost Biblically proportioned horror, Kidderminster will soon overtake us (in fact, it could be as early as the first game!)  If only I'd known this I'd have backed their attempt to go up via the play-offs this season, thus preserving our table-topping status.

Kiddy will also soon breeze past our record number of home wins, which we sportingly chose to barely add to over the recent capitulation campaign.

I looked further down the league table to check the progress of various other pretenders.  Bugger me, there's Telford sniffing around!  If you add the records of the old United and the bunch of whinging, teenage w*nkers that makes up the AFC version they are only 90 points behind us!  If they get promoted next season even they might go past us (a long shot I'll grant!)

All the other dross that make up the current cream of non-league football will need another 10-15 seasons at this level to even get close to us, so we've no need to worry there.

Plan of Campaign moving forward therefore: -

1  Get back up as soon as possible
2  Hope Kiddy are wound-up in the next few weeks, with possibly last season's results expunged!
3  Hope Telford don't become a good team out of three will have to do!

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