Saturday, 15 December 2012


Spending more time in Corby these days than any self-respecting Kettering resident should, something occurred to me last Sunday, which I thought I'd share.  By "self-respecting" I'm obviously ruling out anyone from Kettering who ventures over to Corby on a weekly basis solely to stock up on £3.95 jeans from Primark, which were sewn together by blind leper children in some third world sweat-shop.  Perhaps if they weren't blind lepers they might have done a better job and the clothing might at least last more than a fortnight!

We took a slightly more convoluted route to Steal Park so that 'er indoors could drop off some Christmas cards in Corby.  This meant we drove around unfamiliar areas where it is not unknown for the populace to wear footballing-based leisure clothing extolling the virtues of a couple of clubs from north of the border.  I saw a young lad with a backpack bearing the legend "Rangers".  Poor sod, I thought, recalling their traumatic summer of relegation, when the rest of Scottish football took the long awaited opportunity to give at least one of the Glasgow based behemoths a long overdue kicking.  Suddenly, from being Premier League, and Champions League wanabees the blue half of Glasgow were rubbing shoulders with the footballing superpowers from Elgin, Stirling, Annan (?) and Stirling in the Scottish Third Division.  One of my only memories of this division was noticing once, after a particularly good attendance at Rocky Road, that all of the attendances in that division were less than entered the turnstiles on the Brittania Road terrace!

Then, just as I started to feel sorry for the pipe-playing proddies I remembered where the Poppies were playing, what division they were playing in, and why.  Suddenly I felt more sorry for us than them!

But, thought I, what if you supported both Poppies and Rangers?  Not beyond the realms of possibility for a local footie fan.  What kind of s*it summer did they experience?  Our summer was pretty cruddy, and only just about rescued by the Jubilee and Olympics!  But for a joint Poppies/Rangers fan - jeez! 

Between your two teams you'd seen a drop of no less than FIVE divisions and runs up debts of £135.2 million.  £134 million of which belonged to Rangers and supposedly £1.2 million by us, although this figure probably includes Roll's phantom loans and Imraan's "investment" which he writes off every other month, before reinstating them again when a possible buyer for the club appears!

It's enough to turn you into a Rugby fan! 


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