Friday, 7 December 2012

Finally time for a boycott? by Pedro

Pedro has put fingers to keyboard once again.  He obviously recalls that our motto is "We print anything", and is happy to continually nudge that boundary!  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Care?  Let us know.

I know that throughout the Non Park fiasco I have found myself swimming against most of the tide, but that has never stopped me believing that my analysis of the implications for our once great club has been right. We now find ourselves in the role of Southern League whipping boys, with our opponents dreaming of how much benefit they can do to their goal difference when they play us. Meanwhile, we wait for the fantasy “investors”to save us from our predicament Why does Liardick talk about investors when we all know that only a complete buck toothed idiot would invest in a club in our situation! A takeover has marginally more credibility but that seems never to cross our major shareholder’s lips.

We have a group of people who, had they been operating 2000 years ago, would have stopped Christianity before it had even started! (“What, he rose from the dead? That’s nothing, there’s a group over here who are keeping the Poppies alive! Come back when he’s made Torres a top goal scorer again then we’ll follow him!”) They undoubtedly deserve enormous respect and gratitude. The Malcs. Kens, Hoy, Alan, the young players being battered every game. We rightly give them huge thanks for their efforts for keeping our club on life support, although the major shareholder seems to be silent in offering anything. But I have to ask is this really the best thing for our club?

We can all to easily imagine what will happen next season as it will be a near carbon copy of this season (and last, we’re experienced now if nothing else). Relegation is now a certainty, the only question being will we beat the record for earliest ever relegation. It’s likely we’ll have another points deduction as it’s impossible to see Liardick meeting his financial obligations (does he even understand the word?). The money available for wages next season will still make our opponents in the Tin Pot Glue League (or whatever it’s called) seem like Premier League millionaires. Another relegation will be almost inevitable, perhaps meaning that we cross AFC DImones as they get promotion. And what will be our attendances (should I really use a plural)?

If the KTFC body isn’t dead, it is frozen in Liardick’s permafrost.

We all know we can’t go on like this, we just don’t want to accept it. I was at Corshite last week and for a moment, I felt the joy of watching my beloved Poppies again but I watched us getting walloped in another ground. I realised that even this small ground will be too big for us next season; what about the season after next?

Without a fundamental change in our ownership, we are in permanent decline.

It is time for that change. We have to drive Liardick out. The only way is to force the club into full administration where it can be bought back for a £1 (or similar). To those who hitherto had asked how would it be run without some sort of sugar daddy, that question has been resoundingly answered; it’s being run in exactly that way now (and with a drag from our major shareholder if anything).

So I would ask that everyone, from the fans to the Malcs. Kens, Hoy, Alan, the young players, everyone, boycott all games until the major shareholder (and any of his “friends”) no longer have any interest in our club. Ask yourselves, is what you’re doing really serving the longer term interests of our club? I’m sure if you ask yourself that question you’ll know, deep in your heart, that you’re not.
As I said, it’s time for us to do something. A boycott is the only way. It’ll force the major shareholder, it’ll force the Southern League. It’s the only thing they’ll listen to. It won’t work if we don’t do it together, we will have to be united. That means it has to be organised. The only voice that can organise us is the Trust. To the Trust, I implore you do it and save our club.
There really is no alternative, things are that grave!

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