Saturday, 21 December 2013

Report on meeting of AFCR&D Poppies Transfers & General Player Registration Sub Committee

Friday 20th December

Meeting commenced 7.30PM.  All committee members in attendance.

Minutes of previous meeting, dated Thursday 19th December all re-read and agreed.

Points on tonight's agenda: -

(1) Chimdi Akubuine's proposed move to Nuneaton Town - passed with simple show of hands

(2) Deqwon Ebanks return to Tamworth - passed with simple show of hands

(3) Dubi Ogbonna's offer of Poppies contract.  The Committee voted unanimously to reject Poppies signing this player on a contract.  Letters of complaint to be forwarded to the usual bodies: -

  • The Football Association
  • The Southern League
  • Calor Gas Ltd
  • The  Non League Paper
  • The Northants Telegraph
  • All the people who contributed to the Poppies "Just Giving" site
  • Father Christmas

AFCR&D Forum Sub-committee, Sub-committee to instigate additional threads, complaining bitterly that the Poppies are allowed to employ footballers to the usual forums, and under the usual pseudonyms: -

  • AFC SCUM Forum
  • Nationwide Conference Forum
  • Southern League Forum
  • UCL Forum
  • Farm Animal Fondlers Forum

In addition, a vote was taken to add the following complaints about this player agreeing a contract to both the letters and the forums: -

  • The Poppies shouldn't be allowed to exist
  • The Poppies nicked Nene Park (which we didn't want anyway)
  • The Poppies play in red, which they stole from us
  • The Poppies play in a division above us, which is patently wrong
  • The Poppies haven't really been in existence for 141 years - this is a lie!
  • The Poppies never played League Football
  • The Poppies are using all the money donated to sign players, rather than pay off our former owner.
  • The Diamonds were NOT a rich man's plaything
  • The Diamonds were formed before the Poppies
  • The Diamonds did not fall because the Lord God Griggs stopped funding them
  • The Diamonds did NOT go bust, paying their creditors nothing
  • The Diamonds always wanted to play in the UCL.  In Wellingborough.
  • Touching up relatives and livestock isn't always wrong
  • Having one eye, in the middle of your face is not necessarily a sign of in-breeding

Meeting ended at 3.35AM on Saturday morning.

Next meeting later today at 3.30PM.  The AFCR&D fixture will need to be postponed so that we can sit around for several hours complaining bitterly about KTFC.  A club we've never played.

Item for discussion at next meeting - Poppies signing of Josh Moreman.  Meeting expected to last 5-6 hours.

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