Sunday, 16 March 2014

If this is the last post on PATGOD, you'll all know why!

Just as you think you've heard the last of our former self-proclaimed hard-man psychopath, up pops Dave Deeney again.  Not content with "telling it like it is", and "shooting from the hip", nor indeed ever going twenty minutes without tweeting something either violent, sexist or both, he has had it in for us Poppies fans over the past few days.

Using social media to threaten to knife and stamp on the heads of any Kettering fan who might verbally abuse his brother Ash on Thursday night isn't, one would suspect, the main reason Tim Berners-Lee invented the Internet.  No, as we all know, it was invented so that nerds could argue the merits of Kirk against Picard.

A quick trawl through the twenty billion tweets DD has sent just this month, leaves you with the sense of being in the company of someone who, if things go against him could easily flip out.  You just hope that when he does, he's  nowhere near the cutlery. 

Then you read that he works with kids and your jaw hits the floor!  One assumes his online history has had no bearing on his employment status!  I'm not sure that his chosen heading of, "Say what i think to whoever i want,literally dont give a fuck" reflects well on his employers at "Premier Sport - Inspiring young people through P.E. and sport". Even his club, St Neots allude to his, ahem, outspoken nature, by referring to him as a, "voice in the dressing room...."  Of that we're sure!

At times like this you really hope that you are in the presence of a bona fide Keyboard Warrior, if only because any other explanation would be too scary for words.

Dave Deeney's footballing prowess surely can't be questioned though, can it.  After all, as he was fond of telling everyone before wisely making his Twitter account "Protected", he plays in a division higher than the Poppies.  It must mean he's good.  Doesn't it?  Even though Dave played the first 7 games for us this season of which we managed to lose 5, we can't lay all the blame at his door.  Can we? 

No, it would be unfair to blame such an obviously talented footballer for the numerous thumping defeats we experienced with Dave in our ranks.  Mind you, it is worth noting that ever since the Deeneys were shown the door on the 21st September 2013, the Poppies have only lost one league game.....Pure coincidence, I'm sure......

"Where's my f*cking big knife?"

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