Saturday, 8 March 2014

Ben Bounces Back

Taken from the Kettering Town FC Website: -

"The Poppies are delighted to welcome back old boy, Ben Ford, who has re-registered with the club, and is available for this afternoon's game with Marlow.

Ben's return will mark his 27th stint with the club, only leaving the previous 26 times whenever a better placed club has come calling. Or he was offered more money. Or a better quality team kit. Or he fancied living in a druggie estate in Manchester.

Whilst away from the Poppies Ben has been working hard on such elements of his game as playing for the whole 90 minutes. Not complaining about the quality of his teammates. Concentrating on the game in hand, rather than planning his next move. And mixing his strolling about with the occasional bit of running. It is hoped that these new traits, thus far unseen by Kettering fans, will enable Ben to add to the 7 appearances he has accrued during his numerous stints with his home town team."

PATGOD backs the Club's Statement and welcomes back Ben. Assuming he hasn't left before we kick off today.

Ben and Dad Harrison -
happy to be back!

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