Saturday, 12 April 2014

Poppies in "Important Game" Shock

Today's game at home to Dunstable is an unusual one for the Poppies in recent years.  An actual "important" game.  A must win fixture, where we are looking expectantly up the table rather than fearfully down.  Victory leaves us breathing down the necks of the teams in the play-off places.  Defeat, and we may well have to re-group and try again next year.

Win or lose, this season has been, by some considerable margin, the most enjoyable season for some time.  Obviously this season has been infinitely better than the last two nightmarish terms.  As much fun as being ripped from Rockingham Road, dumped into the middle of bumpkin town was, it set the tone for 24 months we'd all like to forget.  Relegated three divisions in 2 years is more notable than enjoyable.  Having ownership of the club split between a fantasist and a conman, and having periods where neither are actually in charge, is not ideal.

But, even before these two seasons, the last couple of seasons at Rocky Road under Ladak weren't what you would call enjoyable.  On paper it looked good.  High finishes in the Conference.  Memorable FA Cup runs.  But paper, as we know, is there to cover cracks.  The club was funded by a mixture of the DRC Chequebook and hoped-for Cup runs.  When the chequebook was off the table, and Cup runs spluttered to a halt at places like Sutton, the cracks turned into canyons.

Off field we were run in a method that gives the word "amateur" a bad name.  Shirts arriving so late the players could still feel the heat on their backs from the iron where their names had been ironed on shortly before kick-off.  Strange signings and sackings.  Chairman going missing for months at a time.  Bills not being paid.  Happy days!

But what of today's opponents for this "big game?"  Table topping Dunstable?  Clear top of the league.  Racking up an impressive average attendance of 130 from the football-hungry public of the Bedfordshire club.  The club are chasing back-to-back promotions.  Who knows, that may add another 10-15 to their attendances.

Famous people with a connection to Dunstable include serial house-snob Kevin McLeod, former Chelsea striker Kerry Dixon, and frizzy-haired, noughties, pop-blivet, Faye Tozer from Steps.  Cue photograph......

It's been a while since we dug through the Internet
for photos of scanty-dressed ladies!

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