Friday, 3 October 2014

Never Can Say Goodbye

Surprise, surprise!  James Jepson seems to have found his way back to Latimer Park -

If there's one major difference between playing at Conference level and playing at our current level (beyond seeing away fans, or a stand with more the 6 rows of seats) it is the revolving door nature of the playing staff.  This obviously has a lot to do with weekly contracts, dual registration, and the fact that no player in the Southern League believes they should ever be on the bench.

Remember the old day?  Once in a blue moon a former player returned.  Usually after several years and several extra pounds, when their career had finished peaking and was showing signs of spluttering, just before plummeting back to earth (I'm looking at you Carl!)

Not anymore.  Players come and go with such rapidity that, at times, it must be bloody confusing for them to know which badge to kiss.

Who's done the rounds recently in the Poppies Red & Black?

Well, top of the pile is good old Henry Eze, who has just completed his third stint with us.  See you soon Henry!  Lewis Wilson is about to commence his third Poppies adventure.  Last season we suffered the third or was it forth visitation of Ben Ford?  I'm never quite sure if Jon Bukasa ever really went away, but always seems to be returning!  Dan Crowie and Louis Hamilton seem to pop up every so often.  Chris Logan is even rumoured to be setting his Sat Nav back to NN15. 

Add to these the more traditionally long returns for Andy Hall, Brett Solkhan and the monumentally long gap between games for Jason Lee (no, the other one), and we have more familiar faces than a typical Irthlingborough wedding.

Get ready for more
nancy-running like this!

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