Sunday, 28 September 2014

Not much to ask?

What do we want to see from our players on a Saturday?

Skill?  Sure.  No problem with that.
Tactical brilliance?  OK, whatever.
Flashes of brilliance?  Yes, if needs be.
One-touch football?  Pitches permitting!
Constant pressure?  Sure, would be nice.
Overpowering performances.  In an ideal world - that would be great.

All the above would be good from time to time, but Poppies fans aren't too fussed about humbling the opposition and playing total football.

What we do insist upon is that the players that pull on our shirt at least sweat into that shirt.  100% effort.  As a minimum.  A bare minimum (and obviously, a maximum...!)  Do players think that playing for Kettering means they've made it at this level?  That the work is done already?  It certainly looked that way yesterday.

The next couple of away league games will be very interesting, to see if the management and players can make up for wasting a perfectly good Saturday afternoon for almost 700 Kettering fans.  Coasting to a Top 6 finish this season is not part of the club's, and particularly, Ritchie's plan.

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