Saturday, 29 August 2015

Old Dogs, New Trick

Our less than stellar start to the new season - three defeats in our first five games - has revealed a surprising trait amongst hardened Poppies everywhere.

No-one seems to be freaking out!

Have we learned the art of patience?  Have we "chilled-out?"  Have we really become a more grown-up, responsible and level-headed body of supporters?

Of course we haven't!  I'd suggest we're still the same bunch of grizzling moaners we've always been. The difference this year is that we've perhaps considered the step-up in quality and the tough opening few games and adjusted our expectations accordingly.  There's also the Marcus-effect in that we all really quite like Marcus Law as a person and as a manager.

Deep down we all feel bad about how Marcus was allowed to drift away from the club during Ladak's mad final months.  This will earn him a longer than average honeymoon period.  And, it has to be said, we've actually played some decent football and haven't looked out-classed (just out-scored!) so far this season.

So, for now, we're all onboard with our new boss and his ever-evolving squad.  One can only imagine how different our reaction would have been had last year's management team presided over the exact same start though.....

Poppies fans these days.
The picture of serenity.

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