Thursday, 20 August 2015

Where's Sandy?

After we posed the question - did Elliott Sandy appear in every photograph taken during last season's title celebrations, we have received a few photographs which claim to be Sandy-lite.  As we suspected, it was a tough ask!

Sorry guys.  Elliot is still pretty prominent.

Mmm.  Slightly better, but unless we're very much
mistaken that's Elliot still riding high.

A bit better.  Elliot's not the focal point of this photo,
but he's still in there!

Also, does he ever do any of his own walking
or is he simply carried everywhere?

This is much more like it.
Elliot is not only not the focal point,
but he has now become, for once,
the carrier, not the "carryee"

I think we have a winner.  Elliot can barely be seen.
He is right at the back, just disappearing down the tunnel
with the League Trophy in his grasp.

Rumour has it he has slept with it every night since....

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