Saturday, 4 June 2016

Borough Council Fails to Back Poppies SHOCK!

"Asset of Community Value, blah blah blah"

Like the rest of you, I tried to read the link to the Localism Act, and like the rest of you got bored about two lines in and relied on others to go through the entire document and report back what it meant.

It would appear that it meant the local council could decree a site to be of "Community Value" and bring pressure to bear on an owner of such site to acknowledge this.

Put simple enough for PATGOD to understand, Kettering Borough Council could take the Pickerings to task over letting Rockingham Road sit there and rot.  Or, at least, in theory, KBC could do this.  Unsurprisingly they did f**k all.  As soon as the Poppies were mentioned, those trough-straddling self-important tossers backed off.

We have mentioned many times the vast gulf in attitudes Northamptonshire's councils have when it comes to their premier football clubs.  Corby council build their team a new football ground every 18-months, and worry about the costs later.  Northampton council gave the Cobblers a ground and then, seemingly, wrote them a £10 million pound cheque to push them to promotion.  In Kettering things are a little different.  Our councillors wouldn't piss on the Poppies if they were on fire.

Asked to pass a ruling which merely asks the Pickerings to consider doing something with a small parcel of land which is mouldering away within their town, our illustrious elected officials bottled it yet again.

None of this should be a surprise.  We only ever see these chain-wearing, smarm-bags when we win titles or go to Wembley.  On these occasions they can't get enough of the Poppies, taking centre-stage and pontificating about our importance to the betterment of the borough to massed ranks of voters.  At all other times we are simply an embarrassment to either ignored or derided.  F**k them.  We always knew they'd be of no use.  One needs only to see how they are buggering up the whole town to know these insular arseh*les would be less than no use to any organisation who could promote the town to the wider world.

As long as they can keep picking up their expenses for voting as they are told to, and using their free car-parking passes to be able to afford to park in Kettering, as any shop of note closes, or moves to Corby, they'll be happy enough.

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