Sunday, 14 August 2016

A week truly is a long time in Poppyland

Last week - an opening day win at Dorchester, on the back of the unveiling of the club's plans for Latimer Park.

OK, it was a win at a team that will be lucky to stay up this season, and the ground development plans at Latimer Park are heavily dependent on permission / neighbours / a sh*t-load of money, but still it was heady days for a few days.

A couple of miserable home performances later and it's all doom and gloom for Poppies fans, with the internet at risk of buckling under the weight of our wrath and hatred.  But how else are we supposed to react when faced with -

  • No goals
  • Not much discernible effort
  • No burger van
  • One too many ex-Scum players on the pitch
  • A very poorly designed new kit (who had the idea for that cheeky plunging neckline?)
  • Pitch still bloody bobbly.  
    • And bone dry.  
    • And concrete hard.  
    • And made wider to accommodate our mysterious wing-play (!)
  • A manager who still won't make every decision EXACTLY how every single one of us would make them!

Just 43 games left to go......

To be honest, with the lack of  chances created
by the rest of the team, we might as well
have played this Sam Smith up front.

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