Monday, 22 August 2016

Goal Rush at Latimer Park!

Between the Burton Park Wanderers game on Saturday and Sunday's Dylan Cecil Charity game, no less than 29 goals hit the back of the new, rippling onion-bags over the weekend.

Leaving aside BPW's amusingly unfortunate reverse, those in attendance on the Sunday saw the Sonics defeat the Angry Birds (computer characters, I'm assured) by the small matter of 10-4.  In many ways it was difficult to differentiate between watching this game and watching the Poppies play.  Lots of unfit, heavily tattooed blokes, struggling to control the bobbling ball, being heckled mercilessly from the sidelines.

To make it seem even more like a Poppies game. both dug-outs were filled with blokes with their arms crossed, making completely ineffectual changes!

Were it not for the fact that BOTH teams managed to score, one could easily have been forgiven for thinking it was the Poppies playing!

Several hundred pounds were raised for the The Dylan Cecil Memorial Fund, with, hopefully more to following from a joint Poppies Trust - DCMF Race Night, due to be held at Latimer Park on Friday 2nd September.

If you can, please try to buy a horse / jockey for the event, or, better still, get to Latimer Park on the 2nd to have a flutter, a few drinks and some stodge.  It may make the following day's defeat game at Leek more bearable.

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