Thursday, 1 September 2016

How Well Do You Know Your Transfer Window?

Which of these didn’t happen?
a) Chelsea re-signed a former player for £34m
b) Man Utd re-signed a former player for £89m
c) Man City put £100m into a rocket and fired it into space

Which of these major summer signings is not a real name?
a)  Gabriel Jesus         
b)  Sven Kums
c)  Dildo Billabong

What was Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s main item of personal terms?
a) a gold plated toilet
b) a 50ft marble statue of himself
c) ‘I played with Zlatan#legend’ to be tattooed on every squad member
d)  all of the above

What does Joey Barton bring to Rangers?
a) midfield know how
b) expertise in starting a fight in an empty room
c) flute playing skills

If John Stones is worth £47m, what would Bobby Moore’s value be?
a) £100m
b) £200m
c) about the same, bearing in mind he died in 1993

What did Jack Wilshere wake up to this morning?
a) a rapturous welcome from the Bournemouth fans
b) a series of disbelieving texts
c) a very damp pillow

Pinch me, someone

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