Wednesday, 12 April 2017

You have to feel for Corby? Surely?

Poor old Corby.

They dominated for 85 minutes against a very heavy-legged, one-dimensional Poppies, who only came to life for the last 10.

A Poppies team that determinedly refused to use the fine, flat playing surface lovingly prepared for them by Paul Knowles and team. Instead they continued to play in the whole-hearted manner adopted at bobbly Latimer Park, where merely getting rid of the ball into the night sky constituted a passing game.

Poor Corby fans who had to shunt and grunt across the county in a double-decker bus - known to be the most uncomfortable of vehicular conveyances.  Not only that, but they were kept waiting in the car park on said double-decker until we had celebrated and slowly made our way back to our coach.

And after all that, the final salt in the wound came from the Poppies equaliser, which was painfully offside.  Both of Rene's shots last night dribbled ineffectually in the vague direction of the goal.  His penalty was easily saved, but, thankfully, Aaron was, ahem, well placed to roll Rene's effort into the net, and get us back into a game we were never really in.

But, it's all in the past now.  No-one (other than Paul White who surely should be drug-tested) was especially bothered about the outcome.  Best of luck to Corby for their upcoming, far more important games, and hopefully the Poppies players can keep their minds off their forthcoming beach holidays for just three more games!

Level?  Level-ish......

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