Friday, 28 April 2017

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong to celebrate the distress of others?  We're going to vote "Right" or this would be a very short piece!

The Top Two clubs in the County wind-up their seasons tomorrow, although I still can't quite believe little old Brackley make up half of that particular grouping.  Other major Northamptonshire Non-League clubs' seasons also came to a sudden, inglorious ends over the past few days.  While we enjoyed a few drinks, basking in a sunny day in Banbury, others weren't having such a good time.

Corby manfully managed to snatch consecutive relegations, or at least until the end of season horse-trading at the League get together may reprieve them.  Droping two divisions in two years is pretty impressive,  Not quite as impressive as when we managed to plummet THREE divisions in two seasons,  but still not bad, as they have managed it under their own steam, entirely on merit.  Or lack thereof.

For the first time in half a dozen years Corby Town have reverted to their accustomed place in the footballing pecking order; namely looking up at the Poppies with the usual mixture of anger, bitterness and Irn Bru.

And to be honest, I'm pretty sure Corby enjoy it this way as it feeds their inferiority complex and need to be suffering a gnawing sense of injustice.  Bless.  I hope their Council builds them a new stadium to cushion the blow of being officially shite.

AFC Scum-Lite failed at the Play-Off stage again, and are in danger of acquiring a new nickname of "The Bottlers".  Being the best supported club at their level isn't doing them a tremendous amount of good.  Can you imagine the grief Marcus would get if we had the best attendances and couldn't get out of a glorified pub-league division?  He lives in fear of being hung, drawn and quartered simply for not shaking hands with people who have been screaming for his dismissal solidly for 10 months.

And yet, Andy Peake is being hailed as some kind of hero for scraping into the play-offs and then losing them again.  A round earlier than last season.

Have Scummer-Juniors hit the "wall?"  Will 30-mile rounds trips from Rushden (presumably where the majority of their supporters hail from, even though they've not played there yet) to Kempston thin their support further?

I guess we'll find out when this nonsense begins again in barely 80-days time....We really must get better, fuller lives for ourselves.

AFC Scum-Lite.  Their promotion prospects soon resembled Non Park.

Somewhere they've never played, although you'd never
realise that by listening to them.

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