Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Are you missing the shouts of "Marcus Out" at Latimer Park?

Is the close-season return to normal life starting to get you down?  Do you find yourself missing the constant, un-flagging anti-Marcus braying of the mouthiest elements of our support?

Well, you don't have suffer the withdrawal symptoms of being beaten around the head by the constant repetition of disgruntled Poppies fans who are amazed that a Manager isn't sacked just because they want it to happen.

KTFC Chat is for you!

Read - Repeated calls for Marcus to be sacked NOW, or earlier in history if possible!
Read - Demands for Marcus's head every time a player he once employed does absolutely anything for another club!
Read - No ideas given as to how we could accommodate 72 players that everyone thinks should still be with us.  Dubi? FFS!
Read - Anyone who has an alternative point of view be derided!
Read - Fans who are so dedicated that they are proud to announce they are no longer going to watch their team!
Read - Appeals for help at the Club be met with deafening silence!

And the School holidays haven't even started yet.  Groan!


  1. One plank happily announced on there that he hadn't been for months and doesn't miss going, whilst simultaneously posting on the page pretty much 24/7.

  2. what is Ktfc chat? Do you mean the facebook page? if not please link.

  3. Im not going anymore !!!

    1. Good for you.

      And everyone else I suspect.