Friday, 23 June 2017

Farewell Liam

Liam Canavan's departure from Latimer Park has been greeted with a resounding "Meh" from Poppies fans.  Which is sad.

Liam was a player who could completely change a game.  For good or ill.  Or both.  Often at pretty much the same time.  Even his supporters, of which I am one, would cheerfully have throttled him half of the time.

But while he will be fondly remembered for his ability to cleanly strike a ball better than anyone else currently playing in Poppies red, he certainly won't be missed for his often pointless little flicks and touches which served only to baffle all at the game, including, I daresay, himself.

Liam has something.  We can all see it.  But will he ever show it consistently?  Or even twice in a game?  Over a couple of seasons here can it honestly be said that he noticeably improved ?  Even his diving (which he assiduously continued to work on) still looks like a five year old throwing himself to the floor in a tantrum over a cuddly-toy that's not even really wanted.

He now has another chance at Conference North level, albeit in a team pretty much guaranteed to be in a relegation battle from mid-September onwards - and all the best to the lad.

But what's the betting that his 2017-2018 season looks a bit like this: -

  • Starts in the Leamington team
  • Spell on the bench
  • Spell out of the squad
  • Dual registration with the Poppies
  • Starts in the Poppies team
  • Spell on the bench
  • Spell out of the squad
  • Return to Leamington in time to be released.....

Liam contemplates life in the fast lane.
At Leamington.....

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