Friday, 18 August 2017

Racist Poppies Fans Are At It Again!

Or, so most non-league headlines will read.  Kettering - that hotbed of fascism.  Kettering - twinned with the townships of Hicksville, Mississippi and BuringCross, Alabama.  Kettering - stuck in an early 1970's episode of "Love Thy Neighbour"

Do we harbour unknown quantities of racists at Latimer Park?  All primed and ready to explode the moment a black opposition player does anything of note during a game? What possesses someone to shout out racist abuse at a football game?  They must know such behaviour is in no way tolerated?  Surely?

Should the individual be ejected - yes, obviously.  Should they be banned for the rest of the season - yes, why not?  Should they be banned for life?  Mm.  A trickier one. Should or can an individual really be banned FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE for uttering words, even if they are completely unacceptable words.  Should the Police prosecute as a "Hate Crime" - Of course not.  Are we getting a little too Orwellian here?  Violence is one thing.  Words another.

Perhaps this individual has issues?  Or perhaps the man in question was the most shocked person in the ground when the racial slur came out of his mouth?  Who knows.

I presume someone associated with the pinpointing and removal of this individual will be able to identify him should further sanctions be considered.  Mind you, after all the publicity stirred up by his outburst, I can't believe for a second he would dare turn up again!

So, are we a bunch of ignorant red-necks in NN16?  Or, in keeping with the rest of society we have people who rant and may shout out racial slurs, whether intentional or not.  I guess the next few weeks may give us a clearer idea?

 Is this really how some of us view the
action at Latimer Park?

Obviously not - they are wearing their
new red and black outfits.  Unlike us!


  1. Really dissappointed to hear about racial abuse coming from the terraces at burton. Glad the person was ejected.
    Suprised also at paygod not condeming the person and encouraging this sort if thing to be left in the past. The patgod response seems rather lighthearted and seems to suggest that there may have been an overreaction to the events. Also dissappointing

  2. Sorry you are disappointed, but I sense you've read more (or less) into the piece than was intended. The perpetrator IS condemned within the piece. Nowhere is there a suggestion that there was an over-reaction on the night.

    Yes, the tone is light. This PATGOD. We try to keep things light. We aren't condoning what happened, but we don't believe much is to be gained by gnashing our teeth or rending our clothes either.

  3. People are offended by anything and everything these days. Of course racism is wrong but the fella might be retarded or have Tourette's.
    All rushing to judge and appear whiter than white (no pun intended).