Monday, 4 June 2018

Linnets Board misses the mark by even further!

For any slight gripe we, as Poppies fans might have about the pricing structure for the forthcoming season, one has to feel for supporters (well, not their pig-ignorant faction perhaps) of Kings Lynn FC.

For Level Seven football Kings Lynn are charging a rather hefty £13.00 entrance fee.  Attending all 21 leagues games next season will cost an adult bumpkin £273.00.  A season ticket will set them back £260.00.  So, for paying out in advance for several months football will save a Linnets fan the grand sum of £13.00.  One "free" game for shelling out £260.00 to their charming Chairman -

Would you buy a used season ticket from this man?


Mind you, can you put a value on not having to queue twice every match, once for a ticket and then 10 seconds later to hand over the ticket you've just bought?

The cost of £260.00 is more than four Championship clubs charged for their cheapest season ticket last season!  That's Level Two football, by the way Mr Cleeve.

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