Thursday, 29 November 2012

"We'll support you evermore!" Yeah, right.

Not so long ago we were delighted that there was still a chance that the Poppies might survive.  A few weeks later and all too many of us are reverting to type and moaning that our team of unpaid teenagers aren't wiping the floor with settled teams of paid adults.  Are we really expecting us to be any more than barely competitive with our bunch of willing kids?

Have we forgotten the condition the club is in?  Absentee owner?  Non Park draped around our neck like a noose?  Almost all our fans melted away to the dubious pleasures of shopping and Sky Sports?  A team run with almost no budget, out of another ground by a bunch of volunteers?  Ringing any bells yet?

Survival in even the short term is a distant prospect.  The pulse of the Poppies can barely be felt.  Every game is an effort to maintain a holding pattern in the hope that something better will happen.  And what are the players and staff hearing from the terraces and online forums?  All too often it's typical Kettering moaning!  And as for those still whining about Imraan, do they really believe he is sitting back and coining it from our 400 gates?  Killing our club off will hurt us more than it will him!

I wouldn't blame anyone making the effort to keep our club going were they to jack it in.  Not only have hundreds of "fans" deserted our club, too many of the few left don't seem to have grasped our horribly reduced circumstances.  IT IS ALL ABOUT SURVIVAL, AND NOTHING ELSE.  Sad to say, but if we don't win a game between now and May, at least the club has lasted until May.

Who knows, we may even survive.  Other clubs in a similar position have not only survived, but re-established themselves.  Now is not the time to wobble.  Stick with it guys, on and off the pitch.  If we don't make it we can at least hold our heads high and say we gave it our best shot.  And if better days return we will be ideally placed to welcome back those supporters who used to sing, "We'll support you evermore", or "You are my Kettering..." which should have been followed with the line, "as long as we win all the time."



  1. 140 Years of glorious failure, what more to you expect!

    1. Given the state most clubs find themselves in these days, surviving 140 years in itself could be seen as a sign of success?

      Certainly more than the bare half dozen years another local club lasted after their Sugar Daddy chose another hobby to squander his millions on.

  2. Poor old Rushden didn't last long did they after Max pulled the plug!

  3. What trophy is it that you get for being in existence for 140 years? Oh wait... you don't get one do you? Longevity is a nice thing, you can be proud of it, but it doesn't mean you're better than a club that's only been around for 70 years or 14 years. If they're better on the field, then they're the better club.

    Football matches aren't decided by history, unfortunately for you, they're decided on the field. Maybe at some point you'll realise that a 140 year history isn't the be all and end all. Then maybe you'll put some effort in and try and build KFC from scratch.

  4. Thanks we are proud off our history and it is something you will never understand, how could you?

    Be careful with your new club, you lot don't half go through them, three different clubs in 20 years - slightly embarrasing record if you ask me.