Saturday, 19 January 2013


When one remembers how many defeats Peter Morris, or especially Gary Johnson had to rack up before Peter Mallinger dragged out the P45's from his desk drawer, some recent managerial sackings are sure to raise the odd eyebrow.

When "Hitman" Abramovich sacked Roberto De Matteo, fresh from winning the Mad Russian his first European Cup we were all disappointed.  Just what would be enough for this Eastern European Lunatic?

In the past week Marcus Law has been shown the door at Tamworth.  His crime?  Keeping Tamworth out of the relegation zone!  I'm not sure exactly where in the league the Tamworth board of Directors expect their glorified Conference North team to be?  Top of the League?  Play-off candidates?  Tamworth are a small club, playing well above their level, and Law would have in all likelihood kept them in Conference Premier for at least another season.  I know a lot of clubs that would gladly trade places with the Lambs if Conference survival isn't good enough for them.  With the Poppies looking at Southern League Midland Division next season AT BEST, the Tamworth Board don't know when they are born!

This week the Board of Southampton have also took leave of their senses and dispensed with Nigel Adkins in favour of some non-English speaking ,Falklands-grabbing Argie-Bargie.  The fact that Adkins had won the club back-to-back promotions and currently had the club outside of the relegation zone was obviously not enough for the Southampton bosses,  who seem to think that they should be Champions League candidates as a minimum.  And what is likely to follow for the Saints?  No doubt their new Johnny Foreigner Manager will bankrupt the club bringing in a whole new team of dirty dagos who won't have the heart for the Tuesday night away games at Wigan and Newcastle.  And when they are relegated all of these new players will have their hands out for their enormous pay packets, and before you know it, Southampton will be back in League One and begging Adkins to come back.

Makes you wonder what Ladak would do to Doyle if he ever checked up on how his team was doing from the safety of his Milton Keynes bunker.

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