Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Oh, look, the African Cup of Nations yet again!

With the African Cup of nations looming over us once again, and Premier League Managers locked in their annual club v country moans, one is left asking is this the most pointless competition ever?  World Cups and European Cups are special occasions because countries spend over a year trying to get to the finals, and they each take place every four years.  Imagine how devalued an annual World Cup would be?  And yet this is one area where the African Cup of  Nations fails.  Barely has one finished than the next one starts!

Add into this rolling competition the fact that it is hosted during the European League season, when the vast majority of African stars should be earning their mega-bucks, and the month long duration of the event and you can almost see why the top Managers dread January coming around again.  Particularly if the League in question has a mid-winter break and the African players sit this out before jetting off to sit around a pool for several weeks in a safe compound surrounded by guards to keep their dirt-poor, non-footballing comrades at arm's length.

Still, it's hard to feel too sorry for the top Managers bemoaning the competition when their players are away.  Everyone knows this Cup is played seemingly every other week.  If you don't want your players snatched away, don't sign ones that you lose for a month every season!

That said, now our teamsheet boasts players like Yannick Nlate, Joel Gyasi, Henry Eze, Rudy Misambo, Solomon Akinshade, Will Muzvimbiri, we trust Doyle knows what he up to. That or somehow our new stars can't get a game in South Africa later this month - something we can't believe having seen the way these guys have put teams like Barwell and Bedford to the sword in recent weeks!

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