Thursday, 3 January 2013

Records tumble at Steal Park

If you were perusing a decent blog you would now be reading how long it has been since the Poppies won 4 games out of 5, or the last time we beat anyone by three goals, or the last time we stopped any opposition team from thumping 7 past us.

As you've realised at this late stage, this isn't the sort of blog unduly weighed down by the expectation of advanced statistical analysis, or excessive research.  Not when we can just as easily write abuse aimed at Ladak, knob-gags, or mock the few teams that are still below us in the footballing hierarchy!

Four wins out of five games paints a fair picture of how the team have been playing in the past month (what are the chances of Doyle winning the Manager of the Month award for December, even though we suffered a 7-0 reverse in this run?)

It's been good fun.  Sure, it could all come to an end tomorrow if Ladak came out of hiding and dragged all 20 of the pro-Non Park supporters back to the "Land that Time Forgot", but, what the hell!  Let's enjoy it while we can!

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