Friday, 19 April 2013

Last chance to see....

Tomorrow's home game with...whoever, sees the Poppies completing their home programme for 2012-13.  It may have been one of least successful seasons imaginable at a depressingly low level of the footballing pyramid, but, the very fact that we will be taking to the pitch tomorrow represents nothing less than a superb effort from all who have remained involved and loyal to the Poppies.  After filing out against Bashley at Non Park last year, few would have given this game a chance in hell of ever being played.

And yet here we still are.  Sure, Imraan and the Non Park lease are still there in the background, and we can never truly be free and move on as a club until both are part of our history.  And sure, playing at Corby isn't ideal (but far better than certain other home grounds we've played at this year, which will remain nameless).  And it's always depressing to attend Poppies games where the crowds are so small.

Extract from last week's

But where there's life, there's hope.  At this point in a blog I'd usually rail against our stay-away "fans" who have any number of excuses for not supporting their team.  The usual suspects of course being Imraan / Non Park / leaving Rockingham Road / not being "valued".  Few of our ex-fans cite the fact that they only watched us because we played in a bigger league against bigger clubs, mainly I suppose because such an admission suggests they were more interested in who we played against rather than their own team.....

But this time I won't criticise our former fans (even though it always sparks a lively debate).  To be honest I get bored hearing the "victim mentality" of some of the people who don't come to games anymore. 

What I will say that if any supporter who hasn't reconnected with the Poppies is thinking about attending tomorrow I'd say go for it.  Don't continue to deny yourself the chance to cheer or even jeer your team - no matter what league they are in THIS IS STILL YOUR TEAM!  Please take this chance to at least thank Richie for basically saving YOUR club, in order for it to have the chance to fight another day.  A chance also to thank the Trust and other volunteers who have given time, money and effort to keep the Poppies pulse still going.  Surely worth taking a couple of hours out of your life?

And if after all this you still can't bring yourself to take in at least this one game, then fine, you've obviously happy with making the break from KTFC.  But please, no more bleating about losing your club.  It's still there.  It still needs you.  You are the one to have walked away this time. 

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  1. We have not walked anywhere, as Corby is too far to walk too !