Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Big Presentation Night Shock

We're surprised no one has yet mentioned the shock event at last weekend's Presentation evening.  No, it wasn't that Henry walked off with a dozen awards, or that Dean Thomas made a speech which was the most blatant job interview pitch outside of an episode of "The Apprentice", or even the fact that KFC and KTFC bigwigs sat in the same room without throwing peanuts at each other.

No, and without wishing to slip into unnecessary hyperbole,  the biggest shock ever in the history of the world was that former Chairman and blind-eye turner to tax demands Cyril Gingell, and rabidly border-line psycho Poppies fan Dave Singh both attended the event and SAT IN THE SAME ROOM!!!

Again, without wishing to overstate things, such an event, given the fact the Dave still regularly blames Cyril for EVERYTHING to have ever happened to the Poppies from the club's formation in 1872, through to Gosport's third goal on Saturday, must surely be the most unexpected get together in history.  Certainly since Adolf Hitler attended a Bar Mitzvah back in the 1930's, or since James Caan invited Imraan to a BBQ last summer, or at least since PATGOD hosted a Brian Talbot appreciation evening when he finally dragged the money-drenched Inbreds out of Non-league at just the 36th time of asking.

News of this seeming detente have spread far and wide and suggestion have been made that other organisations and individuals may seek to bury various hatchets.  Al Quaeda and the U.S. are supposedly having positive talks.  A North Korean Disneyworld is in the works.  Even Arthur Scargill openly wept tears of misery over Margaret Thatcher's coffin.

However, ever an organisation to plow it's own furrow, Kettering Borough Council have held firm to their previously held position and re-iterated that as far as they are concerned, the Poppies can "go f*ck themselves!"

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