Sunday, 14 April 2013

Stuff we didn't know until today

  • Bideford players moan more than any other team in history.

  • Will Muzvimbiri may be one the least effective strikers the club has ever had, but among the top three right backs in the history of the game!

  • If the 2012-13 season consisted of just December and April we'd piss this poxy league!

  • The card-totting referee (22 players - 22 yellow cards) was so depressingly officious that he will no doubt be promoted to at least Conference National level.  If he's not lynched first.

  • The only thing the ref did right was to not ask for the floodlights to be switched on.

  • With 2 defeats in a 2 days Bideford are unlikely to repeat this weekend's endeavour.  By contrast, Kettering Town have appealed to the league to play twice EVERY weekend.

  • Somehow Jason Turner is still with us.  I couldn't have been more surprised if Johnny Graham started the game.

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