Sunday, 19 May 2013

How does this lovely weekend find us?

Well, we've signed a keeper.

Floodlight pylons might or might not have been correctly erected at Latimer Park.

A mystery benefactor is preparing Non Park.  Don't do it, you'll regret it (if you're lucky!)

The tedious non-entity of the Premier League has thankfully run it's course.

The Cobblers got spanked at Wembley, as a prelude to the Saints getting spanked at Twickenham next week.  Expect Radio Northampton to be playing nothing but funereal dirges for the next couple of months.

Yeovil have won promotion to the Championship.  They were successfully steered there by Gary Johnson, who, now he has put a bit of distance between himself and Northamptonshire, remembers how to manage a team properly.  From being rivals of ours Yeovil will be kicking off next season fully seven divisions above us!

How hard can it be?  "I.....m.....r.....a.....a...."
And somewhere in Milton Keynes, Imraan Ladak is sitting on a form he needs to sign to sever forever himself from the Poppies.  For reasons known only to himself he has yet to sign this document.  Perhaps he can't find a pen.  Perhaps he can't find his arse with both hands.  Perhaps he is still waiting for "Project Non Park" to finally start paying dividends.  Who knows.  C'mon Ladak, give the club a chance to survive, sign away your ownership  and get out of our lives!

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