Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Officially Unofficial Management Duo Announced

It came as little surprise that the team of Baillie and Thomas have been given the go-ahead to start the long fightback for the Poppies to the big time of games against the likes of Arlesey and Frome.  Equally unsurprising the agreed management structure now has Dean Thomas as "Cloughie" to Thomas Baillie's "Taylor".  It will definitely be a time for "steady as you go" for the Poppies of 2013-14.  We now hope they will be able to tie down a handful of this year's players to keep them at Non Park / Steal Park / Latimer Park (delete as appropriate) for next season.

What could be seen as surprising is the manner of the appointments.  As far as we can see, the appointment was made by Alan Doyle and Ken Samuels.  Worthy chaps to be sure, but both unpaid volunteers, operating with no official capacity.  And they have made the decision on behalf of Ritchie Juene, who, despite his Herculean efforts to keep our club alive, is also an unpaid volunteer of no official capacity.  Ritchie is running the club under a verbal agreement with absentee club owner, and tardy letter opener, Imraan Ladak.

We all hope that such autonomy given to Ritchie to do this, plus instigate our removal to Latimer Park in the near future is a sign that his takeover is imminent and both Non Park and Non Chairman are soon kicked firmly into touch.

However, last week's sudden return to the Royal Courts of Justice over unpaid taxes from the start of the season highlights the tenuous nature of assumed ownership and responsibility.  Back then it was assumed George Rolls was about to takeover the club, and he was given carte blanche to employ managers and players.  Of course, various of his misdemeanours soon caught him up and he was banned from being involved in football.  This also, presumably, precluded him from ensuring trifling things like taxes were paid on the income the players may or may not have received.  And with Imraan also busy doing whatever it is he does when not f*cking the Poppies around, HMRC were conveniently overlooked once again.
Ladak - The sooner he signs off from the Poppies
the sooner he can suckle full-time at
Pete Winkleman's teat, or spend
24 hours a day playing on-line poker. 
We don't much care which!

Not a smart move with them still smarting over our recent CVA where they got turned over by the club.  Mistaking Imraan for someone who gave a damn about the football club the HMRC contacted him.  Obviously too busy playing Championship Manager 2013 on his X-box to get involved himself, Imraan again left it to the worthy volunteers to step in and try to save HIS club once again.  Not that he bothered to tell anyone that the court case was coming up or course.  No, that would be too helpful....

The sooner Imraan signs the club over to Ritchie the sooner we can draw a line under his fateful reign.  Christ alone knows what he's waiting for?  Our thanks?  For us to name a stand at Latimer Park after him?  Money?  I can't think of three things he's less likely to get!  He could ask for the steam off our piss, but I fear the situation has gone past the point when even this would be considered!

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