Monday, 6 May 2013

I appreciate it's not top of anyone's "to do" list, but......

.....wouldn't it be good for the official club website to have a bit of a Spring clean?

These days most people only look at the site when Ken links from Poppynet the latest match report, or when we're back in court again.  I'm on there more often than most, but usually to check the spelling of our players' names!  Honestly I'm rubbish at remembering the more exotic handles of the chaps lining up for us.  I still have to look up how to spell Patrick Noubissie.  Like I did just then in fact.

If you stray too far from the safety of the Latest News area on the KTFC site you can stumble into a sort of Marie Celeste website, where stats and information were frozen in time when the good ship Poppies was abandoned when Imraan pulled his funding mid way through our last (ever?) Conference National season.

One section lists our players, with big blurbs about our stars such as Jon Challinor, Moses Ashikodi,
Still our Number One, but
should Roy still feature so
pominently in our
website's player list...?
and Poppies Hall-of-Famer Craig Dobson.  Another part of the site is practically a spreadsheet of everyone Imraan has ever employed - an enormous list of names with the odd one given a bit of statistical analysis, whilst others are there seemingly to make up the numbers (like Jason Turner this season!)  Nestling among these names is, bizarrely, Roy Clayton, instantly showing up all the others in the list with his enormous number of appearance and goals!

Our club officials page still has the dynamic duo of Beck and Greygoose holding the reigns, playing out of Non Park, whilst sections on "Community" and "Commercial" are equally out of date.

Again, I understand that maintenance of the site is probably a long way down the list of priorities for the club, but it must be remembered that the official website remains as the Poppies main contact with the outside world, and first port of call for people looking at us.

It would take a small amount of work to prune the site back to something useable and relevant, and make the club look far more professional.  This is assuming anyone other than Imraan is allowed access of course, and, with his memory, there's no guarantee he'll remember his password!

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