Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Stop picking on the Doog!

PATGOD has been shocked to see how former Poppies boss Derek Dougan has been forced to dress up as a poncy chef for a series of adverts for "Just Eat".  We all know how he blazed a trail for football shirt sponsorship back in the 70's, but does that mean that companies can still force him to demean himself in this way?

We say "NO" and we ask both of our readers to boycott "Just Eat" until they release him from his contract and stop him from doing something he is patently unsuited to do.

If you see any of our other previous managers being forced to do things they obviously aren't equipped to handle, let us know and we'll get on it.

For example, let us know if you hear that Peter Morris has been put in charge of a Comedy Club.

Or Ron Atkinson is appointed as the head of the Race Relations Board.

Or Ashley Westwood forced to give an Anger Management Course.

Or Paul Gascoigne is made to host Temperance meetings

Or Morrell Maison gets a job as a football club manager.

This isn't how the Doog should be remembered!

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